What Rhymes With Camelot….Oh! Spamalot!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I’ve never seen Monty Python before. I tried to watch a bit a few years ago and I fell asleep. When I heard that there was a play called Spamalot I had no desire to see it. That is until I heard the Clay Aiken would be joining the cast on January 18. Clay! I love him. I remember watching him on American Idol and thinking (like everyone else) that he would be great on Broadway. I had to go see him in his Broadway debut.

He would only be playing in the part until May 4th, so I stopped by the theater and bought the cheapest ticket they had for Saturday after work on Friday. I loved it! It’s not the best play I have ever seen, but I was entertained and I loved watching Clay. He was so funny! Unfortunately I had never seen the play before so I couldn’t compare his performance to those of the past, but I thought he did a good job. The wig did take a little getting use to. Would I see it again? Sure!

One thing that I have learned about myself is that I enjoy almost every play that I go see. If I’m even slightly entertained then I am a happy customer. I have started ranking plays by if I would see them again. There are only a few plays that I would say I wouldn’t pay to see again. What can I say….I love BROADWAY!

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  1. I wish he was in it when i saw it. Oh well, instead of clay, I had fly ry... Ha! :P