A Trip to the Zoo

Friday, August 29, 2014

Kari, Cohen, and I met up with my good friend Elizabeth and her adorable daughter, Capri, for a day at the Oregon Zoo. I grew up going to this Zoo and it holds a special place in my heart. I'm so thrilled I got to take Cohen.

Disneyland: Day 3

Thursday, August 28, 2014

This was a trip of "firsts" for little Cohen. First time to Disneyland, first time on a ride, first parade, and......first time on a train (I actually consider this a ride, and thought our train ride in Alaska was his first train ride, but but I was overruled by my family). Cohen liked the train ride. I was worried that he would be scared in the dinosaur part, but he just stared at the bright green exit signs and was fine.

Cohen also went to his first show! He didn't really like the loud music, so Grandma had to take him to the back where it was a little quieter. He's totally sensitive to noise. He gets that from his dad.

It was a great trip to Disneyland. We finished with lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and then drove the 18+ hours home. Cohen once again was a totally rockstar on the ride home.

Disneyland: Day 2...Part 2

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Now back to Disneyland. Jeff, Cohen, and I just got back from a trip to Alaska and I really want to post about that, but decided I needed to finish my first trip out west first!!

After having lunch we took Cohen on his FIRST RIDE! This was a tough decision selecting what one should be his first, but I think we picked a good one...A Classic! The Jungle Cruise. Cohen isn't a fan of loud noises and loud music (remember the parade fiasco), so we thought a ride like the Jungle Cruise would be good. I was nervous about the gun shots, but luckily our guides gun didn't work! Lucky us. I think Cohen enjoyed the ride. He just stared everywhere and took it all in.

 I think my favorite part of our disney trip was Cohen meeting Mickey and Minnie! He loved them both! He just smiled and giggled the whole time! Minnie even let him touch her nose and he loved it! I know Cohen will not remember this, but I know I will. It was totally a sweet moment.

Well, it was a long day for Cohen. He totally passed out after meeting Mickey.

My mom was sweet enough to watch Cohen for me while Kari and I checked out Radiator Springs lit up at night. It was so cool!

We then headed over to the World of Color water show. I'm glad I got to see it (I was the only person in my family that hadn't), but I have to be honest, I don't think I will ever bother going to see it again. You have to stand for hours and if you don't have a good spot you miss half the show.

Nine Months!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My little baby is growing too fast!

Cohen at 9 Months

Cohen ha officially decided that he will eat solids. We had a ward BBQ a few weeks ago and noticed that another baby in the ward was eating solids like professional (and he's two months younger!), so I told Cohen to watch him cause that's how it was done. Well, the next day Cohen ate his whole breakfast and didn't push anything back out! I'm thrilled that Cohen is now eating, but a little worried that he give in to peer pressure so easily.

Rolling Around
Cohen has been rolling from his stomach to his back for a long time, but wouldn't roll from his back to his belly (he doesn't like being on his belly). Well, out of nowhere he just started rolling and rolling and rolling. Now he moves all around the room. He hasn't started drawing, but he's become the expert roller.

Now that Cohen is mobile, he is getting into everything. He really likes to roll over to the bookshelf in his room and pull everything out of the cubby.  This kid has no desire to stay in one spot!

I love that Cohen will sit on the floor and entertain himself. He loves playing with his toys and rolling over to find more.

Talking (more)
Cohen still says, "Da da da" the most, but he has now added "Ma Ma Ma" which makes me happy. He also says, "Bah Bah."

Disneyland: Day 2

Monday, August 4, 2014

We explored Cars Land a little more on day 2. Mom and Dad were total rockstars and went on the Cars ride with me. They aren't the biggest fans of it, but were willing to stand in line with me. Since we did it first thing in the morning, the line wasn't too bad. I really liked the ride! I thought it was great.

After exploring Cars Land we went over to Disneyland. We went on Thunder Mountain and then got a little lunch. At lunch we discovered that the best way to entertain Cohen at meals was to give him a paper cup to play with. It would entertain him the whole time! So every time we went to a restaurant we would ask for an empty kids cup and then we were good! I love my son! He's such a cheap date!

Kari, You just graduated from college....what are you going to do next?

Friday, August 1, 2014

It's the Anderson family....what do you think?! Of course we went to Disneyland!

Mom had the brilliant idea to drive down to Disneyland after Kari's graduation party. So, we loaded up the car and made the 18 hour drive down. Cohen was a total rockstar! He only go fussy a few times and slept most of the way.

 We went to California Adventure first. I haven't been since they added the new cars land, so I was super excited to see everything. We did the Pixar Parade and learned rather quickly that Cohen wasn't a fan. I think the problem was we were sitting under a speaker and it was just too loud for him.

Special thanks to Kari for helping with taking pictures. We took turns holding Cohen and taking pics.

We really didn't do much the first day (since we drove for 18 hours to get there), but in true Anderson fashion (and thanks to Cohen) we were up bright and early the next day!