Power Frost!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I had a nice weekend. It wasn’t too busy and yet I felt like I got a lot accomplished. Saturday I did all of my little chores and then finished off the day helping Leah with her little cupcake mission.

Leah volunteered to make cupcakes for a work party on Tuesday. She started baking on Friday night and continued on Saturday morning. By Saturday evening there were well over a hundred cupcakes that now needed to be decorated. Leah recruited Kort, Kelly, and me to help with this sweet operation. The game plan was that we would “power frost” and she would sprinkle.

Now usually I would have fought Leah for my right to sprinkle, but “power frosting” sounded so darn cool! Who wouldn’t want to “power frost.” It didn’t really take us long to finish the cupcakes and we had a good time. We did have some violent moments, which are usual for “power frosting” parties, but we are all safe and the cupcakes look beautiful. Some cupcakes were tragically lost in the process so the frost workers had to eat them. No worries, we ended up with 161 cupcakes.

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