Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Cohen and I are celebrating this morning with Lucky Charms cereal (Fruit-loops for Daddy cause he doesn't like Lucky Charms) and then heading to a special St. Patrick's party at the church for play group.

Like I mentioned before, Cohen has really gotten into decorating the apartment for holidays, so I made sure we did some St. Patrick's day crafts this month to display in our house. Cohen really got into it!

Snow Storm Stella - Playing in the snow!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cohen and I had a blast sitting insight (toasty warm) watching Snow Storm Stella dump A LOT of heavy snow on NYC! It was a little tricky getting to Joy School the day after because the side walks were cleared, but not all the curbs had been cleared (or cut into) from the plowing. I had to carry Cohen's stroller several times to make it.

After Joy School we came home for lunch and then headed to Central Park to Play in the snow! The snow was really heavy and hard, so it wasn't really that much fun to play in, but that didn't deter Cohen from enjoying himself 
I need help....what do I do with a kid that will not look at the camera to have his picture taken! We were out there for probably 30 minutes and I took over 150 pictures. Why? Because every time I told Cohen to look at the camera he would shout, "LOOK AT THE CAMERA!" Oh, and while he yelled he looked anywhere and everywhere but the camera. When I told him to say cheese and smile he would yell at the top of his lungs, "CHEESE!" So, probably 99% of the pictures I took are of him yelling and looking down. I've said it before and I will say it again... Cohen is the worst model ever! Luckily....he's cute.

Decorating for St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I have not really decorated my house for holidays in the past (some years I would decorate for Christmas). This year I totally decked out the apartment in Christmas decorations. Cohen LOVED it! He was upset when I took them down. I left the little paper light garland up to make him happy. Well, it's almost March, so I decided I would make another garland to put up so Cohen wouldn't be upset. I make a rainbow chain with shamrocks. Cohen helped me cut and staple the chain. He was so excited to help and now I'm totally inspired to do more crafts with him. He was thrilled beyond reason in the morning when he discovered the finished product hanging up in the windows. Makes me want to work on other St. Patricks Day decorations with him.

Washington Trip January 2017: Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

Friday, February 24, 2017

After Burgerville we headed to the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge for a little walk. I lived in La Center for over 5 years and never once went to this park. It was so fun taking Cohen and walking around. There was a big bridge at the very beginning that went over some train tracks. Since Cohen is obsessed with trains, we spent some time there waiting for a train. Luckily a really long train with some oil cars went by when we were leaving. Cohen was one happy little guy.

While walking my dad would walk ahead and hide behind a tree. Cohen would then say, "Where's Grandpa" and then go and try and find him by walking around the tree. It was really cute and I think both Grandpa and Cohen enjoyed it.

You will notice that Cohen has a sticker on on his forehead. My cousin Jamie gave him a Good Dinosaur book for Christmas and it had a bunch of stickers in it. Cohen LOVES dinosaurs and decided to put one of the stickers from the book on his forehead. Well, it was on there for over 24 hours. He bathed and slept with it on and refused to take it off. We luckily go most of it off on the second day in the second bath. Kids are so much fun!

Washington Trip January 2017: Burgerville!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A trip to Washington would not be complete without lunch at Burgerville! Even better that I got to go with the fam! :) Before we left I told Cohen we were going to go get "the best burger in Vancouver." Jeff of course perked up and asked where we were going. When I told him we were going to Burgerville he was deflated. Of course he jumped on his computer and started the quest to find the best burger in Vancouver. After some research he found Crave Grille. So, we had Burgerville for lunch and Crave Grille for dinner. We all LOVED Crave Grille! It was a really good burger. 

 Two burgers in one day!

Washington Trip January 2017: Can I have a s'more please!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Grandma always has fun activity for Cohen to do while we are visiting. After our long day at the zoo Grandma had Grandpa :) set up his camp stove so we could make s'mores. Cohen really got into the whole fire thing (luckily auntie Harmizzle gave Cohen a proper lesson on how to be a pyro the night before). I don't think Cohen even ate a s'more, but he did have a lot of chocolate.