Five Months!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

FIVE MONTHS! Time is just flying by! Cohen is getting bigger and bigger by the minute and it's driving me crazy!

Cohen at 5 Months
n/a lb n/a oz
n/a in

Grabbing His Feet
Cohen has discovered his feet! He now likes to grab them and hold on! It's really cute.

Staring at His Hands
Cohen likes to stare at his hands. He opens and closes his fist and just watches very intently.

Throwing Things
Cohen has started taking his pacifier out of his mouth and throwing it out of his crib. :) When I walk in his room in the morning I almost always step on it :) He also likes to throw his toys. He will hold it (and generally chew on it) for a while and then just throw it.

Making Sounds
Cohen has started making sounds that sound like "Yeah" and "Hey." The first time he did it I really didn't think anything of it, but he has done it on several occasions now. We think he's just trying to make the same noises that he's hearing.

We are still working on rolling over. He's having a hard time with that. He hates laying on his stomach, so it's slow progress.

Another Broadway trip with Kari

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Back in the day, Kari would come to visit me in NYC and we would do our traditional "five shows in five days." I think we did this at least three times. While I'm sure we will never get to do five shows in a row again (tragic, I know), we did relive some of our old Broadways days with a Broadway weekend! I totally miss broadway! It was so much fun having dinner and seeing a couple shows in the city with Kari.

Gotta love Broadway Selfies

I know I haven't done this in a while, but I figure I would give my two cents about the shows.

Disclaimer: Rocky is my favorite movie of all time so it's only natural for me to LOVE the show! That said....

Story: Have you seen the movie? Well, then you know the story. Yes, they did make some changes, but I don't think they were really that significant to the story (unlike other musicals). I guess the only two changes that bothered me were: One, they gave Apollo Creed three lady groupies. I know his wife wasn't in the first movie, but it bothered me that they didn't show him as married. Two: They also changed it so Gazzo (The loan shark that Rocky works for) is not as supportive. I love in the movie how Gazzo totally cheers on Rocky, but in the play he tells him he's a nobody and will always be nobody even after he fights. I know it's not that big of a deal, but it totally bothered me.

Music: I was a little disappointed by the music. It wasn't bad, and there were several songs that I really liked (Adrian has a powerful number in the second act), but I guess I was hoping for a whole show of Gonna Fly now proportions. Not the case, but maybe my expectations were a little ridiculous. Oh, well.

Set: AMAZING! I don't even know where to start! The fight with Apollo Creed was crazy insane. They moved the boxing ring out over the orchestra seating (moving the people in the first eight rows onto bleachers on the stage), so it was surrounded by the audience. I felt like I was in the movie!

Choreography: LOVE IT! The training scenes were out of control! They did such a great job! The fight at the end was really cool too.

Honestly, I went to the show to see Idina Menzel (Some of you may know her as Adele Nazeem) and it was totally worth it!

Story: The story was kind of cool. I don't want to give away too much of the story, but basically it's about a decision that the main character, Elizabeth (played by Idina) makes in the beginning of the show and how it basically creates two different life paths. They show both of the paths in the show. It was really intriguing. FYI, there is a lot of swearing in the show, so if you're sensitive to that don't go.

Set: The set was ok, but nothing compared to Rocky. I was in the Mezz (my favorite place to see a show), however I heard from some people that if you sit in the back of the Orchestra you will miss a lot of the show (they have a two level stage)

Music: I really liked it and Idina did an amazing job, but I didn't walk away remembering any particular song that I LOVED. They were all good, but nothing really stood out to me.

Basically, I'm glad I got to see Idina and I'm glad I got to see the show, but it's the not type of show I would go see again and again.


Happy Birthday Mom!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I hope you have the best birthday ever! I can't wait to see you in a couple of months. I know Cohen is super excited too!

Four Months!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Four months! He's just getting so big and it makes me more and more sad. :( Time is just flying and I want it to slow down!

So, once again Cohen would not smile for me during our little photo-shoot. I really need Jeff or someone to help entertain him while I'm taking pictures. I just couldn't get him to smile while I hold my camera. I included a few pictures from my phone since that's when I actually capture his smiling.

Cohen at 4 Months
15lb 12oz

Cohen has discovered the toys that we put around him and now interacts with them. He has a little suffed monkey that makes crunching noises that he really likes to hold on to. He also likes to swat at the toys that hang over him on the play mat.

Holding or Pulling
I've been wearing my hair in a bun because when Cohen gets a hold of my hair, he won't let go! Cohen also likes holding our fingers and squeezing them. He has a really strong grip and it takes him awhile to let go.

Cohen has started stomping his little feet while in his crib. He use to do this little running thing where  he looks like a turtle on his back, but now it's turned into stomping. When he's in his glider he totally stomps his little feet and actually builds up a quite a sweat.

Jeff has started tickling Cohen and Cohen just laughs and laughs. It's just the cutest thing ever. I'm going to try and get a video of it soon.

Sitting....kind of
Cohen has actually been doing this for awhile, but I think it's been the last month that he's gotten really good at it. We can prop him up on the couch and he will sit there for awhile...then slowly fall over.  He has also been sitting in his high chair. I still can't believe how long he lasts in it. He will sit there and just watch me wash dishes, clean, or cook. I turn around every once in awhile and talk to him and he just smiles!

Three Months Old!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ahhh! I can't believe he's three months old! He's just getting so big and I don't like it! I want him to stay small forever. I almost had a melt down when I had to take the infant insert out of his car seat.

On of my favorite moments last week was when I got the larger than life smile from Cohen after I had been gone all day working in the city. Jeff was feeding him and the moment Cohen saw me he got this huge smile and wouldn't eat anymore. It melted my heart!

Cohen at 3 Months
14lb 5oz
24 1/4in

One of my favorite parts of the day is going into Cohen's room in the morning and peeking into his crib. He sees me and just starts to smile! Then he proceeds to tell me how his night went. He's just such a little chatter in the morning. I love it! He also loves to chat when I'm chaining him. He just has so much to say at that particular moment.

Fighting....fighting sleep that is
Just before two months hit, Cohen cried (with tears) for the first time since leaving the hospital. We thought it weird, but we were able to calm him down and put him to bed. Well, we discovered a pattern was starting to emerge. At night Cohen would what we call "lose it." He would start to cry and scream. We figured he was just overstimulated or tired so we would hit the lights and rock him to sleep, but he would fight falling asleep. The Doctor G told us that he's probably so fascinated with everything that's going on that he doesn't want to miss out and therefor gets upset when he realizes he's tired. He's quite the little fighter, but to tell you the truth it's kind of fun watching him try to keep himself awake when he's just so tired and he can't keep his eyes open. To avoid the nighttime meltdowns, Jeff and I decided that we should start the going to bed process earlier. We have now found Cohen's sweet-spot....6pm to 7pm.

Yes, we put Cohen to bed at 6pm and he's usually asleep by 6:30pm or 7pm. We wake him up for a little night snack around 10pm, but then he goes right back to sleep and sleeps until 6am or 7am. We occasionally have a pacifier run in the middle of the night, but it only takes a min and he's back out. Let me just say....I LOVE IT!

Cohen has discovered his right hand/fist and now he stares at it often :) You will see from his pictures that he likes to hold it up right in front of his face. He stares at everything. There are times when we don't even know what's staring at, but he sure seems fascinated.

Standing....kind of
Cohen loves to stand on our laps. He's actually been doing this since around a month and a half, but now he sometimes prefers to be standing. We support him or provide balance and then he just stands and stares around the room. He's starting to last a long time.

Of course he scratches his face from time to time, but he's gotten really good at scratching me! It doesn't matter how often I file his little nails they still get me! Ouch!

First Time to Church!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Like I said before, Cohen has been under lockdown for the past three months so we have haven't been taking him to Church. Jeff and I have been taking turns going while the other stays home with Cohen. Today was his first time to church! We got him all dressed up for his church debut!

It was a long day for him. He was OUT by the time we got home.

I'm staying home

Thursday, February 6, 2014

For the past six years I have worked for an advertising agency in NYC as a digital data analyst. Basically I worked in the online and mobile world analyzing users usage of websites, social, CRM programs, and apps. I enjoyed my work (well, most days) and the agency I worked for treated me really well.

When I found out I was pregnant I knew a tough decision was ahead of me and I waited until the last possible moment to make it. Many of you asked, "Are you going to continue working or are you going to stay home." My answer was
always, "We are waiting to make that decision when the time comes." Well, the time has come. My maternity leave ended on February 3rd and two weeks ago today I called my boss and told him that I would be staying home with Cohen. Honestly I thought I was going to return to work, but somewhere deep down wanted to stay home with my baby.

For some this may have been a really easy decision. "Of course I will be returning to work...or...I'm totally staying home" For me it's one I really struggled with. My career (like many I imagine) is the kind that if you step away for a minute you become a dinosaur in the field and it's hard to get back into it. I knew that if I was going to stay at home with Cohen for more than a year, it would be very hard to get back into digital analytics since I would be so far behind on the latest and greatest measurement tools. I would basically be walking away from my profession.

Of course there were financial considerations as well. While we could afford for me to stay home now, would we always be able too? If I needed to go back to work, would I be able to find a job (see problem outlined above). I guess no one really knows the answers to these questions when they are making this kind of decision, but they still weighed heavily on me. Jeff and I discussed/dreamed of some part time working from home options, but those jobs are hard to get and we would still end up with having to get child care for Cohen.

Well, despite my concerns and after much prayer, discussions with Jeff and family and friends, I have decided to stay home. I might try to get some freelance work here and there to keep my foot in the door, but we shall see if that becomes a reality. I'm excited to spend more time with Cohen and be with him as he grows and learns, but I'm also nervous at the same time. I feel good about my decision and feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders....I just hope I will always feel this way ;)