What movie will be the last on earth…Hello, Dolly!? That sounds about right.

Monday, June 30, 2008

I have this really stupid tradition about not wanting to see Disney Pixar films after seeing the preview. I usually see the preview and decided it looks stupid and have absolutely no desire to see it, and don’t!. It happened with the Incredibles. I didn’t see that movie until my mom bought it for me. Do I like the Incredibles? I love it! When I saw the Wall-e preview, I thought the same as all the other. “Well, that looks lame.” You would think I’d learn. Well, I found a blog on Friday that had a review of the movie, and had all good things to say about the cute little movie. My roommate went and saw it and thought it was amazing and was willing to go see it again with me. We decided to hit up the $6 showing on Saturday morning. Did I like it? Let’s just say….I loved it! I want a man that’s like Wall-e. He’s perfect in every way. This movie is absolutely delightful! Well done Disney! I’m not too sure about the Chihuahua movie. I think Walt would be bitterly disappointed with that move.

And the Countdown Begins...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sorry, but there’s nothing exciting to report. Work has been very busy and I’m loving it. Work is so much more enjoyable when I have several projects on my plate and not enough time to do them in. I love it! Next week is going to be a real rush. I have four projects to do and I’m leaving for home at 3:25pm on Wednesday. We are also having a team picnic on Tuesday, which will take up 3 hours of my day. I’m going to have to work really hard on Wednesday to get everything done before I’m gone for 11 days! Yep, that’s right. I will be spending a week in Washington with the fam (left is a picture of my house) and then the rest of my time in California for Elizabeth’s wedding. I’m so excited. I really need this break.

No shows lately. I’ve seen all the worthwhile shows that are currently on Broadway, so I have to wait a few months until the new ones come out. I’m really looking forward to A Tale of Two Cities, Billy Elliot, and I hate to say it, but Shrek the Musical. I can’t wait that long until I see another show! I might have to start repeating shows. I can’t help it. They fuel me.

What’s the big news buzzing around the water cooler?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We get two Summer Days! Good old Bob sent out an email letting everyone know that he’s adding summer days this year. I know most companies around here automatically get summer Fridays, but R/GA never really did that. I never minded much, because we get a lot more PTO than most companies. Now, we get two extra PTO days to use during the summer! What should I do with my two days of freedom? Visit another country? Go to Disneyworld? Have a Pride and Prejudice/scrapbook marathon? Move?! If I do happen to move in August, this summer day will come in handy. I will need ponder further how to spend this new freedom.

What Else Is There To Do On A Wednesday Night?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

It’s a Wednesday night in New York city….what would you do? Go buy wigs of course! Kort and I took a little trip to Ricky’s to buy some hair dye. Kort wanted to go blond. While she was purchasing the bleach for her hair, we realized there was an outrageous wig sale going on. Usually they are $40, but they were on sale for $10! How can you turn down such an awesome investment? We both went for long dark wigs. Mine was in a bag, so it still needs some time to relax and get all the kinks out of it. I’m not sure about the bangs, but I hope I can style it so it works. Korts came right off the manikin, so it looks amazing! The game plan is go see Indian Jones this morning sporting out amazing wigs. P.S. Kort dyed her hair and it did not turn out well, so the wig was a good investment.

Don't Cry for Cry-Baby!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The word on the street is that Cry-Baby is going to close after Sunday’s matinee. I didn't really like the show, but I am a little sad that it’s closing. I wish it would have lasted a bit longer. I think it probably would have lasted a tad longer if it had been in a smaller theatre. They were trying to fill a lot of seats. I might try and go see it before it closes - just to pay tribute. I’m just curious about the soundtrack. I do like a couple of the songs, so I hope they still record it. They probably will, because they are doing a national tour.

And the Tony goes to….

Monday, June 16, 2008

So, I stayed up and watched the Tony’s last night. Since it was my first time doing predictions, I decided to come up with a little scoring system. According to my scoring system, I received 82%. My score was brought down due to my low scoring on best sound and best lighting. I’m ok with getting a low score on those, because I know nothing about such things. With out those two categories, my score goes up to 90%. Not bad for my first try. In all but three categories, the winner was either my first choice or second.

What do I think of the winners?
South Pacific: I’m glad South Pacific did so well, and that Paulo Szot got best leading actor in a musical. Well deserved. I’m glad In The Heights didn’t get as many as people thought it would. I liked South Pacific better and I’m glad it got the most Tonys (seven) for the night.

Gypsy: I’m not surprised about Patti LuPone, but I wish one of the other ladies would have gotten best leading actress in a musical.

Boeing-Boeing: I’m totally stoked that Mark Rylance got best leading actor in a play for Boeing-Boeing. He was my favorite part of the show. He is amazing in the role. His acceptance speech was a little weird.

Not too happy about (or disagree with):

Rondi Reed for best performance by a featured actress a play: She was good, but I thought the other ladies (that I saw) did better.

Boyd Gaines for best performance by a featured actor in a musical: I put him lower on the list. I thought he did well, but I really enjoyed Daniel Breaker (Passing Strange) and Danny Burstein (South Pacific) more.

It’s Getting Hot in Here! You Want Me To Take Off What?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last weekend the weather turned ugly and it got very hot and muggy. We don’t have air conditioning in my apartment, so I started to buy a few fans to help keep me cool. After not being able to sleep for a couple of night, I started to get really frustrated. I can’t put an air conditioner in my room, and it literally is a furnace. Earlier in the week I walked in there after work and the floor felt like it was on fire.

My roommates and I started to sleep in the living room, where it’s somewhat cool. The first night in the living room was like heaven. I slept the whole night! It was truly an amazing experience. I don’t know if it was because it was so much cooler or the drugs I took to help me sleep. It did wake up needing a blanket. Good sign, right?

It’s only June and I’m complaining about the heat. What am I going to do for the rest of the summer? I’m in trouble. I’m glad I’m going home for a week and a half to a house with air conditioning. Until then, I’m just going to try and keep cool thoughts. Luckily the weather has gotten cooler over the past few days, but this weekend does not look promising.

Broadway: In The Heights - It's About Time

Last night I went to see In The Heights with my roommates. I have been waiting for weeks to see this show, due to all the hype about it. It’s another one of those “I liked it, but it’s not my favorite” kinda shows. I thought the set was amazing, the female actors were very talented, and the dancing was by far the best part. It had some really funny moments, but then there were parts where they spoke in Spanish and a lot people in the audience laughed, but it went right over my head.

The music is pretty good, but I think there are only a few of the songs that really resonated with me. One feature of the show that makes it a little different is that the main character, Usnavi, raps all of his songs. While it most definitely gives the musical a unique tone that matches the story, I couldn’t understand a lot of what he was saying. I think I should buy the soundtrack just to learn what he was talking about.

I thought a lot about the show today, and came to the conclusion that it really doesn’t have the best plot. I will have to agree with Leah that the second half is kinda boring, but the first half was really good. There were some scenes that just didn’t seem to help the progression of the plot.

So what’s my conclusion? I’m glad I went to see it and it was fun to hang out with the roommates. We don’t do much together anymore. I would be very surprised if Cry-Baby or Zanadu beat it for best musical. While I did like those shows a lot, I feel like In the Heights was a better production. I’m not sure about Passing Strange. Some people are saying that it could beat In The Heights, but I really hope it doesn’t. I feel like more people would enjoy In The Heights over Passing Strange. Well, the Tony’s are this weekend, and we will see what they think.

I heart you Mentos!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The site of the day goes to Mentos and I dedicate it to my roommate. You know who you are! I got creamed in level two. I just don’t have the skills. I couldn't get the Menots fast enough. Lesson learned. I will have to work on that.

Well done, Mentos! Well done! You have always been a favorite candy, and now I know why!

Broadway: South Pacific – Some Enchanted Evening (or matinee)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Last Saturday I went three hours early to wait in the cancelation line for South Pacific. Yes, that’s how bad I wanted to see it. This was my third attempt and I was sure that three hours would be plenty of time. When I got there I was sad to discover that I was the 10th person in line. Since I don’t have a/c in my apartment, I thought I might as well sit in the cold entry way to the theatre and watch a little more of the Office.

It’s funny how three hours trapped in the same space will bring complete strangers together. We talked about what we were doing in New York and what shows we have seen. It’s like for those short few hours we became friends. Unfortunately for my new buddies there were only five available tickets. They gave the five tickets out and told us that there may be a chance that more will open up. I didn’t it likely that I would get a ticket, because I was still six tickets away. Then with ten minutes before the show started a man walked up with one ticket. My new comrades all started pointing at me saying, “she has cas, she can take it!” (The best advice I can give a person who plans to work the cancelation/student/rush ticket thing, is to always have cash!) I felt so close to them. After checking to make sure the ticket was real, I bought it off the guy and slipped in just in time. I will admit that this was the best seat I have ever had for a show (I’m not a fan of front row seats, which is what students get a lot of the time. I’m not complaining). I sat smack dab in the center about six rows back. Perfect!

How was the show? Amazing! South Pacific is not my favorite of Rogers and Hammerstein’s work, but this show made me see it in a whole new light. The acting was great, the set was amazing, and of course the music was absolutely beautiful. Favorite part would have to be when all the hot SeaBees sang “There is Nothing Like a Dame.” They were so hot! Lt. Joseph Cable was really cute too. I hope it does well all the Tony’s.

Yes, it was well worth the hours of sitting around for it. I wish I could go see it again, but it’s sold out until August. I would go sit in the cancelation line again, but after talking with all those people who have never seen it and really want to, I don’t think it would be right. I will just have to wait until things calm down again.

Broadway: So close and yet so far…

Friday, June 6, 2008

So, I was able to see August: Osage County this week. Wow! I heard that it was good and that it was the one to beat at the Tony’s, but I wasn’t expecting the show I saw. It’s the kinda show I think I need to see twice. Basically it’s a show about a very dysfunctional family that just has very hard times. There are a lot of deep subjects covered, and therefore it’s a long show (two intermissions). The first scene was rather slow and my mind wondered a lot, but once it passed the show got really intense and yet funny. Unfortunately, I think a lot was said in the first act that would have shed light on the rest of the play. That’s why I really should go see it again. Great show! Be warned…. it’s one of those shows that use the F-word every two seconds.

That means I only have one more show to see that’s on my list – South Pacific. I’m so close to seeing all the shows, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to. South Pacific is sold out until August. Booo. I have plans to wait in the cancelation line this weekend, but I don’t think I will be very lucky. I’m still going to try. Well, have a great weekend and don’t get into too much trouble.

Abandoned Theme Park

I found these pictures on a blog and just fell in love with them. I would love to go explore a place like this. How amazingly fun, right?

My Feelings On The Democratic Primary

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Broadway: Boeing Boeing – I Guess It’s Possible

I saw Boeing Boeing earlier in the week. Only one word can truly describe this play – hilarious! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. The set and costumes were fun, and the acting was amazing. Christine Baranski played the maid to the architect (played by Bradley Whitford). I love both these actors and was so surprised to see them in this show. Mark Rylance was by far the best part of the show. He did a phenomenal job and is well deserving of the Tony nomination.

The play is about an architect (Bradley Whitfod) who has three fiancés. All three fiancés are flight attendants on different airlines. He has everything well planned such that they never know about eachother. An old school friend (Mark Rylance) comes to visit the architect and gets to see how this is all done. Of course such arrangements couldn’t work forever and everything starts to fall apart as flights are canceled and newer, faster planes are introduced.

It’s a very cute show. The accents of the three flight attendants can be hard to understand at times, and they all act over the top. I think that’s why the show is a so funny. I would rate this PG-13. There’s some real intense kissing (you have to see the show to know what I mean. They take kissing to a whole new level.). I loved it…I loved it….I loved it!
I got the pictures here