Dyeing Easter Eggs with Auntie Harmizzle (Grandma and Grandpa too)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Easter came early for Cohen. My mom and dad decided that since Cohen was not going to be with them on Easter, they would just celebrate the Sunday before. Cohen woke up to a Minion inspired Easter Basket! He LOVED the chocolate and books they gave him.

One of the many activities that my family had planned for Cohen while we were visiting them in Washington was dying Easter eggs. It's a tradition for Kari and my dad to dye easter eggs every year and they were excited to have Cohen join in on the fun....well, not as excited as Cohen! I clearly need to do more crafts with Cohen because he LOVED dyeing eggs!

Making Sugar Cookies with Grandma

Friday, April 1, 2016

My mom has talked about making sugar cookies with Cohen before he was even born. Supposedly it's something that Grandma's do with their grandchildren :) Kari and Dad have been making fun of her for wanting to make cookies with Cohen when he is so young, but mom didn't let that get her down. When she was visiting us over Christmas, she made oatmeal cookies with him. He just basically watched, but I think both had fun.

Well, I saw on Facebook that Staci (a family friend from La Center) made sugar cookies with her grandson who is literally the same age as Cohen. I told my mom about it and to not let Kari and Dad bug her about it. So, the first day of our trip to Washington Mom made sugar cookies with Cohen. It was so much fun watching them. Cohen started getting the hang of things by the end, but he really just wanted to eat the dough and play with it. Can you blame him?! I think after a couple more tries Cohen will be an expert! Thanks mom for wanting to make such wonderful memories with Cohen.