Cohen Christmas Pictures 2016!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Here are our Cohen's Christmas pictures from this year. I can't believe how big he is getting. You will notice that there is only one picture of Cohen looking at me. He refuses to look at the camera when I'm taking pictures. I will say, "Look at Mommy!" and Cohen will say, "Look at Mommy!!!!" and not look at the camera. He is a terrible little model, but I do love him so.

It's a Very Merry Train Christmas

Monday, December 19, 2016

Cohen is 100% obsessed with trains. Jeff introduced Cohen to the Polar Express movie on Thanksgiving and we have watched it every day since. Nothing else will do! I took Cohen to the NYC Transit Museum Store in Grand Central two weeks ago and our outing for last week was a trip to the New York Botanical Gardens Holiday Train Show. It was a long trip up there, but COHEN was in HEAVEN! It was absolutely beautiful and Cohen sat for a good 20 min and just watch one train go back and forth.

Our Christmas Tree 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016

When Cohen was born I decided to start buying Christmas ornaments when; we traveled, to mark significant events that occurred during the year, or to represent something that Cohen loves. I love adding a couple new ornaments each year and remembering the fun times we have had together. This year it occurred to me that I should be buying two ornaments instead of just one. One for me and Jeff and one for Cohen to keep when he moves away from home (and if he isn't sentimental and doesn't care, like Jeff believes he will be, we can just keep them...the more the merrier, right?). So, since I have come to this realization, I have been letting Cohen select his own ornaments. It's been very entertaining watching him pick out his ornament(s).

2016 Ornaments:

Grandpa Anderson: My dad made us 5 beautiful ornaments that he gave us when he came out to visit earlier this month. I love the ornaments that my dad makes. They are so special to me and I know I will treasure them for always.

Disney Cruise: In September Jeff, Cohen and I joined my family and Jeff's sister's family (Sharon, Ben and Atticus) on a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean. We had a fantastic time and I can't wait till we can cruise again...especially if we get to go with the same amazing people!

AMNH - American Museum of Natural History (NYC): When I lived in New York the first time I probably only visited AMNH 4 times and it was alway when someone came to visit. Well, we have been in the city for two months and Cohen and I have already gone twice. He's constantly talking about going to see the dinosaur bones. Last time we went he learned in a video that the dinosaurs died and he had a hard time coming to grips with that. I decided since dinosaur bones have become a favorite of Cohen's, I should buy him a dinosaur ornament from the museum shop. I picked mine out and was planning on buying the matching one for Cohen, but Cohen saw a different one and insisted on getting that one instead. He has been pulling it off the tree everyday this week and playing with it. He loves it!

Three Little Bells from the Murch's: The Sunday before we moved to New York, Brother Murch walked up to me and handed me two little wooden boxes (with three little bells inside). He also gave me a letter that told the story of It's a Wonderful Life and how every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings. They hopped every time we heard the bells ring we would remember our time spent in the Eatontown 2nd ward.

Move to New York City: One of the biggest events of our year was moving to NYC. We have been working on this move since June 2015,  so I thought it was important to get an ornament to document the event. Cohen has been obsessed with riding the subway. He asks everyday to go to the train station to ride the train. I have even taken him for a ride on the subway just to turn around and come straight back. This boy loves his trains. So, I took Cohen to the NYC Transit Museum store in Grand Central Station. They have a holiday train display up and Cohen sat and watch the Polar Express going around and around for over 30 minutes. We bought two little glass subway cars to go on our tree. Cohen insisted on getting the red train, he wouldn't hear of getting anything else. :)

Grandma and Grandpa Anderson come for a visit....Day 4 - Making Christmas Cookies and going to Rockefeller Center Tree

Monday, December 12, 2016

On Monday morning Cohen and Grandma Anderson finally made sugar cookies. Cohen loves making cookies. He is currently obsessed with mixing "flour," so he's always asking to make waffles and pancakes.

After making the cookies, we ran down to Rockefeller Center to see the tree. Grandma and Grandpa left later in the afternoon. We miss them so much!

Grandma and Grandpa Anderson come for a visit....Day 2 - Making Christmas Ornaments and Getting Our Tree!

Friday, December 9, 2016

On Day Two Grandma and Cohen made some Christmas ornaments for Cohen's very own Christmas Tree. They made snowmen out of clothespins, stars and trees out of popsicle sticks, and little snowman out of little lights. Cohen really liked painting, but got a little tired of it so Grandma and I had to finish.

I was excited to go get a Christmas Tree from one of the charming Christmas Tree stands in the City. We went to one near our house. We asked about the price of a nice tree and was told it was $220 - $250 (It needed to be measured for official price). Well, I couldn't bring myself for paying that much for a treat, so we all jumped in the car and drove 20 min to Home Depot and bought a $40 tree. :)

Grandma and Grandpa Anderson come for a visit....Day 1 - Central Park

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

On our way back from the Plaza we walked through Central Park. Grandpa Anderson was totally impressed that Cohen walked with him the whole way. It was such a beautiful day in the park and Cohen enjoyed jumping in all the mud puddles. You will notice the chocolate on Cohen's face. He had just complete a black and white cookie.

Grandma and Grandpa Anderson come for a visit....Day 1

Monday, December 5, 2016

Last weekend Grandma and Grandpa Anderson came for a little visit. The main purpose of the trip was for Grandma to make sugar cookies with Cohen. I love my parents and their willingness to spend so much time with me and my family. They are amazing grandparents to Cohen. He has no idea how truly lucky he is.

On their first day here Grandma and Cohen made a gingerbread train. Cohen totally got into it! He really enjoyed eating the candy and frosting.  Some of the train was made of fondant and when we weren't looking, Cohen would sneak and piece and eat it. It was really cute.

We then headed to the Plaza for lunch. We had pasta and grabbed some black and white cookies for the road. The Plaza is decorated so nicely for Christmas and they have some some totally delicious treats. 

Southern Tea Party Baby Shower for Ashley

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

In October I had the pleasure to throw my good Friend, Ashley, a baby shower. I worked with three of her other friends (Kristin, Meg, and Liz) and I think it turned out well! We had a Southern Tea party themed baby shower. Kristin did the amazing flowers, and Liz and Meg made some amazing food! We were a good team! Ashley had her baby a few weeks ago. I'm just so happy for her!

Disney Cruise 2016: Disney Castaway Cay

Monday, November 28, 2016

After a day at sea, we went to Disney Castaway Cay (Disney's private island). Of all the ports, I think this one was my most favorite. Sharon, Kari, and I went parasailing! I don't have any pictures, but it was totally amazing and I would do it again in a heart beat! We then spent the rest of the day relaxing on the beach. Honesty, I would love a cruise that would just take me from NYC to this island and back....I would be one happy camper.

Well, that's it! Those are all the pictures from our Disney vacation extravaganza!

Disney Cruise 2016: Third Stop.....Falmouth, Jamaica

Friday, November 25, 2016

Next we spent half a day in Falmouth, Jamaica. The port is a gated community with a bunch of shops. We really didn't do much in Jamaica. Sharon, Ben, my mom, and Kari did a little bus tour of Falmouth, which from what I hear was very enjoyable. Jeff, Cohen, and I looked at a few of the shops, but then spent the rest of the day on the boat in the pool/splash pad.

Disney Cruise 2016: Second Stop...Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Our second stop was Grand Cayman! I REALLY REALLY liked this place. We did this amazing glass bottom boat tour of the reefs and then we grabbed some lunch at a nice little place right on the water. It was a very relaxing day.

Disney Cruise 2016: First Stop...Cozumel, Mexico!

Monday, November 21, 2016

After a day at sea, we stopped in Cozumel, Mexico! We did exactly what I wanted to do....lay on the beach! It was amazingly hot for the first couple of hours we were there, but then it cooled off and there was a breeze....IT WAS PERFECT. Cohen has been afraid of the water in the past, but Grandma Anderson worked with him and by the end of our day at the beach, he was totally into the water!

Disney Cruise 2016: Sailing on the Fantasy

Friday, November 18, 2016

After a very hot week at Disney World, we set sail for the western Caribbean on the Disney Fantasy!

If you remember, we went on an Alaskan cruise a couple of years ago and fell in love with cruise vacationing. We were so excited to see the Caribbean and sail with Disney (we are totally Disney people....well, except for Jeff...he's not). We went with my fam (Mom, Dad, and Kari) and Jeff's sister and her family (Sharon, Ben, and Atticus). We all had balcony rooms right next to each other, so we could combine balconies. It was fantastic! Cohen could go from room to room to visit some of his favorite people!
Cohen couldn't swim in the pool (they have strict potty training policy), but they had a fantastic little splash pad called Nemo's Reef. Cohen loved playing down there and didn't seem to mind not going in the pool.
We really enjoyed our cruise, but I think we will wait to sail with them when all kids going are older than three and potty trained. They have so much for kids to do, but most of it wasn't for toddlers. Cohen still had a fun time seeing the characters and going to the dance parties, but most of the programing was for older kids. We for sure think this cruise was better than Norwegian, but we actually weren't so fussed with the food. Not as good as we remember Norwegian being. All I can say is that I can't wait for our next cruise!

Disney World: All Days! - All Star Sport Resort

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I think this was the first time in all our family trips to Disney that we actually spent everyday at the pool (for at least a couple of hours.) IT WAS HOT! Last time we were at Disney World we stayed at All Star Music, but Grandpa Anderson decided this time we would stay at the sport one. It was a nice resort and you can't beat the price!

Cohen Turns 3!...Celebrating at Turtle Back Zoo!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Last Saturday Cohen turned 3! It's been an amazing year and I can't believe how old he is getting. I feel like every night Jeff and I sit and tell stories of the funny or cute things he did during the day. He sure brightens up our lives.

A couple of weeks ago Cohen and I were going down in the elevator to go to the park. A women got on and Cohen said, "My name is Cohen and you are a person." This started a conversation between the two of them. Cohen told her how old he was. I told her that he would be three in a couple of weeks. She then asked Cohen what he was getting of this birthday. He looked at her and said very confidently, "A DIGGER." Luckily Grandma came through. Grandma sent me everything I would need to make a "digger" cake. Cohen LOVED it! He has been carrying around the little tractors from the stop of the cake for the past couple days.

Celebrating with Friends at the Turtle Back Zoo!
Once again we did a very low key birthday with the Kalrin Family (Oskar and Ben were born 6 days before Cohen), but this year we went to Turtle Back Zoo! We invited the Klems and Veras. We had a blast! It was cold, but totally fun riding the train and the carousel and seeing all the animals. Beth and the kids made some AMAZING cupcakes!

Highlights from Cohen's 3rd Year!

Top Memories:

  • Trip to NYC for Christmas to the Rockefeller Center Tree (2015)
  • Celebrating Grandma Anderson's 60th Birthday in Washington!
  • Making Sugar Cookies with Grandma Anderson (March 2016)
  • Working in the yard with Grandma Anderson and planting onions (March 2016)
  • First trip to the Enchanted Forest (March 2016)
  • Going to Cousin Chris's wedding in Utah
  • Celebrating Grandpa Anderson's retirement in Washington/Oregon
  • Trip to Minnesota for Uncle Jons funeral. Visit family and play with cousins.
    • The older cousins were playing a game where they would throw a ball and say a number. Whoever caught it would get that many points. Well, Cohen would stand in-front of the person throwing and copy them by throwing something and yelling a number. He still does this at home. :)
  • Going to Disney World and on a Cruise with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kari, Aunt Sharon, Uncle Ben and Cousin Atticus.
    • Meeting Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Chip and Dale, Mickey, Minnie, Woody, Buzz, Donald Duck, Daisy, Goofy
  • Moving to a toddler bed!
  • Moving to NYC. Our broker was named John. We kept telling Coehn we were going to the city to see John when we were looking for apartments. After we found one and I was packing the house, Cohen kept asking about seeing John in the city. Then when we moved into our new apartment, Cohen turned to me and said, "Where's John?"
  • He was Peter Pan for Halloween
  • Whenever we ask Cohen to do something he shakes his head and says, "No, No, No, No, No" really quickly. (Totally Cute)
  • Mixing (he learned this from Daniel the tiger) - Cohen is now into making cake, cookies, pancakes...anything that allows him to mix.