The Guy Behind the Counter…(pause for dramatic effect)…Is Wearing Scrubs

Monday, March 10, 2008

About a month ago my roommate wiped out during a snowball fight. She landed on her knee and hurt it really bad. She has been hobbling on it for the past few weeks. Well, this morning she finally went to have someone look at it. I joined her on her quest to the emergency room as “roommate support.” It was fun traveling to the east side and everyone at the hospital was so nice.

After Kort filled out her paperwork, she handed it in to this really sweet lady that was organizing all the paperwork. I was kinda sad she didn’t hand into the amazingly cute boy behind the counter. The lady looked at the paperwork and exclaimed, “Oh you’re 20. You’re a baby! You need to go through the pediatric emergency room.” So there we were, to adult women dressed in professional apparel sitting in this little room with toys, brightly pained walls, and a cartoon playing on the TV. It was just way too funny.

It was a fairly short visit to the emergency room. All is well. Kort’s knee will be fine, but she is restricted to crutches - her first pair. She’s just growing up so fast.

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  1. Hey! Snooped on your blog! Its way cute, and I especially like your title :) Jealous that you're in NY, while I'm stuck here in Rexburg.