The Watermelon Outing

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It was another hot Friday night and I was sitting around watching TV and trying to cool. Kort had just returned from her run and exclaimed that she was going to the store to get watermelon. I thought this was a funny thing to crave and walk down and up four flights of stairs for, but seeing as I had nothing better to do (and I do so enjoy my little outings with Kort) I decided to go with her. We decided to walk to Fairways for our little fruit treasure. After an ice cream and other random stops we finally made it to the store.

Kort wanted a whole watermelon, while I was quite content just getting a little cup of it. She was discussed that I would buy it in a cup and insisted that I buy a whole one. Unfortunately I can’t stand up to peer pressure, so I decided to buy a whole one was well. We walked the six or so blocks with these heavy “burdens.” It was about half way back when I realized how ridiculous it was that I bought a whole one. Once we got back, we split those suckers in half and started eating. Of course we couldn’t even finish a half of one. We now have about 1.5 watermelons in our fridge. What ya gonna do? I will be eating watermelon for the next few days.

I really enjoy these random little outings with Kort. I hope we will still get to go on our little adventures even after I move up a few blocks.

I’m Temporary…

Friday, July 25, 2008

About a month after I arrived in New York a friend and I ran into one of the “New York locals” that we had met during an activity the week before. We started complaining about how hard it was to infiltrate the Manhattan social scene. The “New York local” looked at me and said, “It will take a long time because everyone sees you as - temporary.”

I was so mad. How dare they consider me temporary? I planned to get a job and stay here for a long time. What about me made me temporary? I figured it was the title “intern” that gave people the impression that I was not worth their time getting to know.

It’s been over a year since that day, and I have a great job and big plans to get my MBA. Unfortunately, I find myself moving for the third time since coming here. No, no, I’m not leaving the city. Just moving uptown a few blocks. As I was discussing the upcoming move with my mom, I realized that this will be the eighth time I have moved in the past 6 years.

I guess I’m a nomad and never linger long in one place. It takes about a year and then for one reason or another, I move. Am I really just temporary? I think I am! I am destined to be just a scratch on the timeline of Manhattan.

Well, I may be temporary, but I think I know more people that have left New York than have stayed. One day I will join this rowed of deserters. I think this great city will be a temporary part of my life. I just hope the friends I make won’t be.

Apartment Video Tour...You know you want to live here!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hello potential roommates,

Knowing that many of you are making your housing decision before you come to New York City, Kort, Erika and I put together some video so you can get a better feel for what our apartment is like.

If you're interested in a little glimpse at Kort and Leah, or in excellent reviews of just about everything on Broadway, check out the other postings on Erika's blog.

A tour of the available private room:

A tour of the kitchen:

A tour of the living room:

A tour of the closet:

A tour of the bathroom (that's not small! that's normal):

The Formula for the Perfect Weekend

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Night

Chinese Food

North and South

Rice To Riches

The Perfect Weekend (No complaints here!)
I had a very relaxing weekend. Amazingly hot, but relaxing. Work has been very busy and all I wanted to do this weekend was not use my brain. Mission accomplished. Good movies and good food are the prefect recipe for one who has fried their brain.

Elizabeth’s Wedding!

Monday, July 14, 2008

My good friend and college roommate got married on Saturday. I went to down to San Diego on Wednesday to be with her for the last few days of her single life. I got to know her family and help with the wedding. It was a lot of fun. Her family was so nice and welcoming. Thursday I followed Elizabeth around like a little puppy. She had her bridal pictures taken on the beach. It was my first time on a California beach. I loved it. We got our nails done on Friday and helped finish up with last minute tasks.

They got married on Saturday morning. They were supposed to be married at 10 a.m., but they were delayed, so we had to wait for an extra hour. I forgot the sunscreen, so I got a nasty burn. After taking pictures around the temple, the groom’s family provided a little luncheon for the bridal party. We were so grateful, because we didn’t have much of a breakfast.

The reception was held at the stake center in Vista. All I can say is that I have never seen a stake center like it. It was so beautiful and didn’t look like the traditional church building outside. The reception was great fun. It looked so beautiful and the food was amazing. I was exhausted by the end of the night, so I went straight back to the hotel and crashed. I’m so glad I got to be there.

The Butt of the Batmobile? My life is now complete.

While walking home from work today, I discovered a crowd of people in front of the movie theater that’s next to my house. This is a common scene, so I wasn’t surprised. The crowed was larger than usual, but I just found them a burden and didn’t care to stop and see what this mass was about. I just made my way to the grocery store right across from the theatre, and didn’t think to see what movie was opening. When I walked out of the store I came face to face with the back side of the batmobile! Yeah, that’s right. The crowed of people were there for the movie premiere of the new batman movie. While the rear of the car isn’t as good as its driver, I was still excited. Of course I had to snap a pic of the famous ride. Yet another reason why I love New York!

“The man who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the woman doing it.”

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The last days of my time in Washington:
Saturday: My parents took Kari and me to the beach, so we can try some of the world’s best fish and chips (according to dad). I will admit they were really good and worth the drive. We ended up in Sea Side to check out the outlet stores. I didn’t get anything, but Kari and Dad both got shoes. We walked down the main street of Sea Side like we normally do. It’s changed a lot since I was there last, but it still has the traditional Sea Side feel. We had a good time. I feel bad for the parents, because I slept the whole way home. I’m a tired girl.

Sunday: I went with Kari (or Harmony) up to Camp Arrowhead for a little visit. I stayed the whole day and got to see old camp friends from yester year. It was fun being a councilor for a day, but I’m sure glad I got to go home and sleep in a nice bed away from the bugs. Camp sure has changed, but I think it changed in a good way. It’s small because they opened it at the last minute, but I think they will be able to build it back up. The title of this post is a quote I found in the Corn Crib (the craft building). I lived in this building my last summer there.

Monday: Mom drove me down to visit the grandparents. We visited Grandma and Grandpa A for a couple of hours and then made our way back to Oregon City to visit Grandma O. She went with mom and me to pick out a new bathing suit. I bought one of the only somewhat modest ones I could find, so it wasn’t too hard to pick one out. It was nice to visit with the grandparents. My one regret is that I didn’t get a chance to visit my favorite cousins and/or aunt. Luckily I will be home for two weeks at Christmas and will have plenty of time to visit.

Tuesday: Today! I have to clear out my room. Ewwww. My mom wants to turn it into a craft room, but all my stuff from college is in there. I need to go in there and start working on it soon. Booo. I leave for Cali tomorrow morning. I’m way excited to see Elizabeth. I haven’t seen here in over a year. I might also get to see other college roommates while I’m down there. I’m excited to see them and take a trip down memory lane. It’s been a long time.

Feels Like Home To Me...

I flew home last Wednesday night. I landed in Portland around 11pm and went straight home to go to bed. So like me. My first day at home consisted of my mom making my bridesmaid dress and me cooking the following: cherry pie, cookies, freezer jam, and enchiladas. My mom heard that I don’t do much cooking in New York and thought it time I learned. I think everything turned out ok. Everything was eaten and no one died. Sounds successful to me!

Fourth of July! I went early to the La Center Ward 4th of July breakfast at Lewisville Park with my mom to help her set up. It was fun seeing members of the ward and playing around with the Ririe girls. I told my mom that I have been having baby fever as of late, so she made sure I got to hold a baby. Sandy Ririe got in on the action and started bringing a series of babies for MR, Brit and me to hold. It was very funny. We ended up with three babies. Not bad. Sandy took pictures and I will try to get some.

My parents and I went to see Wall-e before making our way to the Hokanson’s for their annual 4th of July bash. I was really tired, so I ended up coming late (which I got crap for). We chatted it up and had a fun little photo shoot. Every moment is a scrapbook moment when you’re with the Riries. It was a lot of fun. What happened the next three days of my little vacay? I’ll post it tomorrow.