So Now All The Sudden I'm Starting To Get Interested?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I get a company email everyday called, The Stage. It’s really cool because it provides articles about the company, about our clients, and other interesting sites and designs that are out there. I always look forward to it.

There’s one section of the newsletter called, You See That @#$%!. That’s what’s it’s called, symbols and all. It’s my favorite part! The guy that writes it is really funny. Basically he showcases videos on YouTube. I’m not a real big YouTuber, so I like being linked in.

You See that @#$%! for March 27th was a little shout out to Kinetic Typography. These are my favorites of what he featured. I think I like the one from “Wedding Crashers” best, because that’s how I feel about a first dates.

This is a classic!

Sorry for all the videos! I promise I will not post anymore for a week! My word is my bond!

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