Chillin' by the fire pit...

Friday, May 30, 2014

You may remember me mentioning Jeff having a fire pit built in our backyard. He repurposed the bricks from the garage we had taken down. I loved that we used the bricks because they have been on the property for a long time (originally used for an arch and wall or something like that).

We spent some time down there last Sunday with my parents and Cohen. I think I'm really going to enjoy using it this summer!

Cohen's first haircut!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My parents came for a short visit last weekend. It was a lovely visit and I really enjoyed watching my parents play with Cohen. However, Cohen's long hair really bothered my mom. Several times a day she would pick up his long hair and say "we just need to cut right here (cutting the hair with her finger scissors)." By the last day, I decided to let her have the real scissors and cut his hair. She really didn't take much off. She basically gave him a trim.

The before shots. Please note...Cohen is drooling with anticipation.

The Cut!

It was a family affair. Mom enjoyed styling Cohen's hair when she was done.

Six Months!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Baby Cohen is six months! Sigh. Time is just flying and I wish it would slow down.

This has been a big month for Cohen!

Cohen at 6 Months
17 lb 10 oz
27 in

Sucking on His Feet
While Cohen was chilling on his changing table, he decided to analyze his little feet with a difference sense. He just stuck those little toes in his mouth and sucked and smiled like it was the best tasting thing ever! Now he frequently does it while he's waiting for me to finish changing him. :)

Rolling! Cohen's Rolling
So, literally the day after I posted the 5 month stats Cohen rolled over for the first time! Now he's a pro! Tummy time is a thing of the past! Cohen rolls right back over onto his back when I put him on his stomach.

I'm not really sure when it happened but Cohen figured out the whole sitting thing without me even looking. He's still working on balance, but he's pretty darn good! He sits on his blanket (with me sitting behind him just in case) and plays with his toys. I love it!

I love watching Cohen play with his toys. He generally shakes them for awhile and then promptly puts them in his mouth. :) It's fun watching him smile every time he picks up a toy that makes noise.  Cohen now sits in his high chair and plays with his toys and a burp cloth, you you do, while I get things done in the kitchen. We generally have a nice conversation too. :)

We're going to start Cohen on solids next week and I'm totally nervous, but he's totally ready! He's been staring at us eat and just started reaching for the food.