Youth Conference 2011 - Kirtland, Ohio

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I had the opportunity to go to Youth Conference this year. The funny thing is that I was just going because Jeff was (he's the Young Men's president in our ward), but by the time Youth Conference rolled around I was called as second counselor in the Young Women's in our ward. Funny!

I have to admit I'm not use to going to youth activities and having to be the adult leader :) So, I'm sure I wasn't much help to the leaders that went with us.

We went to Kirtland, Ohio for Youth Conference this year. It was such an amazing experience being there with the youth and seeing all those church history locations. I've learned about all of these locations before, but it was amazing standing there and listening to the revelations that were received in these places being read.

We went to the Johnson Farm, Historic Kirtland, the Kirtland Temple, and Malory farm. Does anyone know what all four of these places have in common?

Here are a few pictures I took on the trip.

We stayed at Hiram College. The first night we had a devotional and dance in the Kennedy Center. Carl Anderson came to speak to us about Kirtland. It was nice having a little review about what we were going to see the next day.

We woke up early and headed over to the Johnson Farm.

Next we went to Historic Kirtland. We started out at the Whitney Store. Some of the boards of the upstairs are originals from when Joseph Smith used the room work on the JS Translation of the Bible. The table in the fourth picture down is also the original table he used.

After lunch we went to the Kirtland Temple. We watched a short video and then had a tour of the temple. It's so beautiful and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to experience it for myself.

On Saturday morning we got up real early and headed over to the Kirtland Temple for a testimony meeting. It was such a memorable experience. The youth had the opportunity to bear their testimonies while sitting on the first floor of the temple.

Showing Dad the High Line

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

After CP and a quick stop at PAX for pizza, I took my dad to the High Line. It's one of my favorite places in the city and I was so excited to take him to see it. It was very crowded, but we still had a nice little walk in the sun :)

Photo Fun in Central Park with Dad

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dad came to New Jersey for a little vacation and to see Jeff and me. We spent the first day in NYC. I really miss the city so it was fun walking around with Dad to some of my favorite spots. After breakfast at Alice's Tea Cup (one of my favorite restaurants in the city) we had a little photo fun in Central Park. While Dad was trying to get pictures of the wildlife, I was taking pictures of him :) We had a good time.