Broadway: Hairspray - What Gets A Gal Asked Out To Lunch? Is It Brains, Is It Dough? No, It’s Hairspray!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kari and I went to see Hairspray tonight. This continues to be my favorite show. It’s one I can watch over and over again. The cast was a little different this time around. There were some cast improvements and some mistakes (in my opinion). Kari liked it, but thought that the movie was better. She didn’t like Tracy, which is kinda funny because I think she’s the best. She did like Link, who was played by the understudy. I agree with her on this point, and conclude that he is way better then Ashley Angle.

So we have now seen four shows and Wicked will be our last. I asked Kari what her preference of play is out of the four we have seen. She said she liked Legally Blonde the most, followed by Hairspray, Spamalot, and Young Frankenstein. I laugh at this because this is just another example of people having completely different Broadway preferences. My order is way different than hers. I just take this as additional proof that I should not recommend plays to people, because my likes and dislikes seem to be out of wack. Oh, well. We will have to see if Wicked can knockout Legally Blonde from first place. I will let you know.


  1. Just stopping to say hi! It looked like you could use a comment. He he he Love ya!

  2. To Ms. Starla and Ms. Harmony,
    You two sound like you are having an amazing time. It sounds like a freakin' blast! So you know, there is one jealous kid out in Sacramento that wishes that she were there.

  3. You girls are just beautiful and I am SO jealous that you are in NY! And Kari too! How fun!