Last Will and Testament of Erika

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

(Due to the severity/high risk of the activities that I will be participating in during my trip to Texas, I was advised to write a will. Thanks for the tip Sarah. Hopefully I will live through it to blog about it. If not, thanks for reading).
I, Erika, of New York City, declare this to be my will, and I revoke all other wills and codicils.

I appoint my mom, Lynette, to serve as the executor of my estate. If my mother should fail or cease to serve, I appoint Oliver and Smea to serve together as the executors of my estate.

I give fist dips on all personal effects that can be found in New York to my roommates, Leah and Kort, if they survive me by thirty days. If they decide that nothing I have is of worth then they are to give all belongings to my parents. If they too find my belongings to be of little worth, then they are to give it to DI or throw it in the trash - their call. If my parents do not survive me, I give all those items to Kari, Oliver, and Smea who survive me by thirty days, to be divided between or among them as they may agree. Kari will probably get most of it, because the other two are cats.

Any other loose ends that I’m forgetting here my mother will tie up for me. Thanks Mom!


  1. I love it! Seriously though, you two are crazy for even considering the major stunt you're going to pull. I would never do it in a million years!!

  2. I think that I should get all of your scrapbooking stuff! Don't forget about me!

  3. If anything happens to you, I'll just consider the stuff of yours i have sitting in my room, but haven't actually sent to be given to me. I don't know what i'll do with it (probably just leave them in the same place they've been sitting the past how many months?!)

    Please don't die!

  4. Haha, i kept wondering what happened to my comments. Too bad i didn't see you did an approval thing. Well, now you have lots of comments from me that all say essentially the same thing. Feel the love...

  5. Now, what are you going to do cousin of mine??????