Saturday In the City Part 1: Brunch!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some of you may know that going out for brunch on Saturday morning is one of my favorite NYC activities! I'm sure I've posted about it before. :) Well, some of Jeff's family (Laurent, Kerrie, Chris, and Emilie) had a layover in Manhattan and wanted to meet up for lunch! False....when you meet me on a Saturday afternoon in meet me for brunch!

I recommenced several options to Jeff (my favorite spots), but he was not impressed. Of course he went to Chowhound and looked up what other people were recommending for good NYC brunch spots. He came up with a short list of places and then was gracious enough to let me pick. :)

Where did we go? Hundred Acres 

And we loved it!

We weren't even done eating when Jeff said he wanted to come back :) I'm not sure how Laurent, Karrie, Chris, and Emilie liked it. I believe Emilie got caught up on the fact that they used fresh blueberries in her pancakes (apparently she does not like fresh blueberries).

Jeff had the goat cheese-thyme bread pudding with two poached eggs, warm spinach salad, and lemon butter. I only got one bite of it, but it tasted good. Jeff said the goat cheese flavor wasn't as strong as he would have liked, but he still really enjoyed it.

Emilie had the sour cream-buttermilk, blueberry pancakes with spiced pecans. I didn't get a bite of hers, but Jeff did and liked that as well :)

 Karrie and Chris both had the brioche french toast with strawberries and creme fraiche. I didn't get a bite of that one either, but Jeff LOVED it. He said the brioche was amazing!

Jeff also got a side of crispy pig “tater tots”, b&b pickles (bottom right). These weren't your typical tater tots. I believe they were shredded pork wrapped in tater tot. Jeff didn't share these at all, but raved about how good they were.

I got the white cheddar, apple and spiced pecan girdled cheese with honey mustard and a side of fries and it was AMAZING! It was just so good I don't even know where to start. I loved the sandwich! The honey mustered was delicious. The fries were spicy and crunchy (the way I like them)!

Overall we give this place two thumbs up! Jeff said that for what it was the price was totally acceptable. I can't wait to go again!

 It was so nice catching up with Laurent and his family. I'm so glad they had a layover and envited us to meet up with them!

Yet another successful brunch in the city!

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  1. I wasn't hungry when I started reading this but now my stomach is growling! It looks AMAZING! I love to hear about great places to eat in NYC--My husband is a huge Yankees fan and we've already been once and I know we'll be going many more times. I pinned this so I won't forget when the time comes.