Friday Favorites: Brunch Spots

Friday, August 28, 2009

As many of you know I am obsessed with brunch. It is my favorite meal and favorite Saturday activity. Here's a list of a few of my favorite NYC brunch places. If anyone is planning on going to of any of these places and would like a little company, please let me know! Also, let me know if you have any favorite brunch places that you think I should try.

I love Alice's Tea Cup! The crapes are amazing and I'm the biggest fan of their hot chocolate. This is the place I take anyone that comes to visit me (It's now tradition). It has great atmosphere and located close by, so it's the perfect brunch spot.

Bubby's was recommended by a friend and I will confess I fell in love it with it. I have loved everything I've ever eaten there and Sarah says their Eggs Benedict are amazing! It is located down on Hudson Street, so it takes a while to get to. But I love still!

Sarabeth'sMy visiting teacher took me Sarabeth's for my birthday when I first moved to the city. Once again, I have yet to have something at this place that I didn't love! I live right around the corner from it, so I'm surprised I don't go more often. I will have to change that!

This is another place that Sarah and I discovered together. I thought it was good (not the best), but I remember wanting to come back. Sarah had the Eggs Benedict and while it wasn't as good as Bubby's it was very good. It's all the way downtown, so I haven't been able to go in a while.

I have mentioned Serafina before. It's a favorite place of mine. This is another one of those places that Sarah and I walked by and had to try. They do a good brunch, but I'm the biggest fan of their lobster ravioli. I heart you Serafina!

This is one of my new places. I went here with my roommates and friends earlier this year. I really enjoyed it. I had heard it wasn't that great, but I thought they did a great brunch! It's also just up the street from my house. I love close brunch places.

Sarah and I passed Nice-Matin on one of our BYU intern outings and vowed we would return and eat there. We stopped by for light lunch before going to ballet one Saturday, and we loved it so much that we decided to come back for brunch. Best idea ever. This is another place that is right around the corner from my house.


  1. I love Bubby's! We go to the one in Brooklyn though, so I've never been to the Manhattan one. I've also been wanting to try Alice's Tea Cup all summer. Hopefully this fall I'll get a chance.

    Ta Cocina on 9th between 48th and 49th has the most amazing weekend brunch. Their breakfast burritos and mimosas are out of this world!

  2. Alice's Teacup is also one of my favorites. I take visitors as well.
    When I was dating Curtis we used to go Gold Street almost every weekend. Sadly, it's totally gone downhill. I haven't been in months. Don't waste your time.
    You need to try Good Enough to Eat (on the UWS) and also Kitchenette. There's a Kitchenette downtown I always go to, but I think there's one on the UWS also.

  3. I've also heard great things about Isabella's.