Friday Favorites: Traveling is my favorite

Friday, June 29, 2012

I've always wanted to be a world traveler, however, I'm far from it. I think I have been more places since I've married Jeff then I have in my lifetime (One of the thinks I love about Jeff is his love to travel).

Reasons why traveling is my favorite!

  • I love staying in hotels 
  • I enjoy trying new foods 
Disneyland 2010 - 
I wish I had a better picture for "New Food" but I've realized I haven't taken many pictures of the food we've eaten.

  • I love to collect things and that includes places :)
  • I want to see historic or famous places
Paris, France 2011
  • I adore my family and will go anywhere with them
Salem, Massachusetts 2011
  • I just love seeing new places!
Bermuda 2010

Places I've Been:
Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, New Jersey, Main, New Hampshire, Road Island, Florida, Bermuda, London (England), and Paris (France). This is such a weak list! I can't wait to add more to it!

Jeff and I don't have a lot of travel plans this year but we are planning a trip to France next winter. It sounds like there may be some skiing involved and I'm not sure how I feel about it. However, I really enjoyed are short time in Paris and I'm looking forward to seeing the country side and the mountains. I'm still voting for Italy, but we will have to see if we have time.


  1. One of my favorite things about traveling is the food and I tend to over document that....oops! Good luck with skiing! I've heard it's much easier than snowboarding :$