Lazy Brie

Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm not sure if this is a Labrador trait or just my dog, but she is so LAZY! I thought puppies were supposed to be full of energy 24/7? Don't get me wrong, she is really hyper when people come over or someone walks by her at the park, but when it comes to day to day activities she just can't stay on her feet!

A few months ago she wouldn't (notice I didn't say COULDN'T) get on the couch by herself. She would put her front two legs up on the couch and then look up at us with sad eyes until we lifted her back legs up for her. Well, that didn't last long. Jeff and I decided to not lift her up anymore, because we knew she could do it on her own (she use to run around the coffee table and then lung onto the couch). She whined at first, but now she jumps up on her own like a champ. :)

What's her new lazy trait? Well, currently Brie can't be bothered to stand while she drinks. She used to always stand while she ate food or drank water, but not anymore! She takes a few licks of her water and then plop! She's down on the ground going to town on the water.

Brie has always liked to play with her water (she likes to paw at it repeatedly until the water is all over the floor), but now she likes to put her nose in the water and blow bubbles. Is this normal? Jeff and I tried to get her to stop playing with her water, but knew that we were going to lose that battle, so we just moved her water dish outside so she didn't make a mess in the house.

I think we need to buy her one of those plastic kids pools. I think she would love it!

 We sure love our little baby :) She's just so entertaining.


  1. I had read a thing once that dogs needed to be level with their food and water so we got Nikki one of those elevated eating trays. It was handy because it could store her food in it too! Just a thought now that she is getting bigger...

  2. Hilarious! I sometimes wish our lab Duke was a little lazier! We actually gave him our kids' plastic pool last summer---it made baths super easy:)