Congratulations Johnny!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Last night Jeff and I headed down to Burlington, NJ to see Johnny's graduation. Johnny is one of many nephews that came with the Jeffrey Neu package. (I now have 26 nieces and nephews and I'm sure there will be more).

It was a great graduation ceremony. We laughed, we cried, and see sweated a lot. Ok, we didn't cry, but we sure did sweat a lot! I'm not sure how hot it was, but our car thermostat said it was 100 degrees while we were driving down there. (Picture Below: Beckah sang in the choir [bottom left], but we couldn't see her behind all the pesky seniors in the choir)

However, it was totally worth it! Johnny was the valedictorian and he gave an awesome speech! Best speech of the night in my opinion. (Picture Below: Johnny giving his speech [left] and proud mom who recorded the whole speech [right])

As valedictorian, Johnny sat on the stage throughout the whole ceremony and was one of the the last to receive his diploma (I was grateful for this because by the time it was his turn the crowd had cleared and I could get a decent picture.)

We got a chance to catch up with Johnny before he left for his party. He struck a few posses with friend and family for us (Noramah and me). He was quite the little rock star! :)

Congrats Johnny! You've made it through four years of papers, projects, and get ready for another four...if you're lucky :)

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