Friday Favorites: BBQ's are my favorite.

Friday, June 22, 2012

I was going to label this "Summer BBQ's are my favorite," but them I remembered Jeff barbecued in the rain last fall with some of the Young Men in our ward. I think these kids would barbecue in the snow too.

Jeff bought a Weber barbecue the summer we started dating and I'm not sure how he lived before he got it. That boy loves to barbecue! He has made some good things over the past year and half and I can't wait to taste what he decided to barbecue next!

Favorite Things Jeff has made:

  • Ribs - we have a great recipe for ribs and have made them several time (included our first christmas together), but they are the best when you throw them on the BBQ right before you eat them. It just gives them a nice smoky taste
  • Salmon - To my dismay Jeff has only made this once. It was soooo good. I didn't think you could do fish on the barbecue, but apparently it really easy :)
  • Sweet-Chilie Chicken - I actually think Brandy made this (One of Jeff's Young Men).
  • Burgers - Of course burgers make the list! The Young Men have made some huge burgers while at our house. It's always a good time. (Pictures are from their first time making a plate size burger. They split this one (Brandy and Ethan), but later larger burgers were devoured solo!)

 I think most of our BBQ's are with the Young Men. :) It's amazing how much food they can down. We sure enjoy having them over at our house for burgers and some rather competitive rounds of Wii Sport.

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