Chicago: Day 1 - Forth of July!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jeff and I decided to meet up with Ben and Sharon (brother-in-law and sister-in-law) in Chicago for the week of 4th of July. I LOVE Chicago so I really didn't put up much of a fight when Jeff mentioned the idea.

We had a wonderful 4th of July in the City. We started off with brunch (you know me and brunch) at a place called South Water Kitchen. Supposedly this is one of the better places to get brunch in Chicago. We liked it, but it wasn't exceptional.

After breakfast we decided to go back to the hotel for a nap. Since brunch really took it out of us :) Then we went to Macy's on State Street. At first I thought it was a little weird that Sharon wanted to go Macy's since you can find them everywhere, right? Well, this isn't just any Macy's. It's the second largest department store in the world and a beautiful, historic building.

For dinner we went to The Gage. It was really nice. While I wasn't overlay thrilled with my meal (pork chop), it was still good. I think my favorite was the appetizers. The scallops were amazing! I think overall we liked it a lot. It was a good find by Sharon!

So, the reason why Jeff doesn't look so happy in this picture is because A) He doesn't like having his picture taken...tough! and B) He was trying to flare out his nostrils.

After dinner we walked across the street to Millennium Park. We spent some time at the Crown Fountain. Well, I spent time there taking pictures, while Ben, Sharon, and Jeff tried to get Sharon's purse zipper open (it got caught on some fabric and wouldn't budge)

We got to see the end of a concert in the park (an orchestra playing patriotic music) and then we walked to Navy Pier to see the fireworks. It was packed and kind of a long walk with the heat, but I'm glad we made the trek. They had nothing on Disney with regards to a firework show, but it was fun to be there with all the people watching the fireworks out over the water.

All in all it was a great day!


  1. Never knew that Macy's was so huge! Wow! The food looks tasty!

  2. I'm with Jaime; the food all looks great! I love your photography style, Erika.