Pumpkin Picking with the Girls...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I found a recipe for pumpkin puree a couple of weeks ago on Our Best Bites. I thought it would be fun to actually go get pumpkins and make a nice little fall treat. Luckily the girls (Ashley, Karen, and Jen) were all for going on a little road trip through the countryside.
So...yesterday we rented a car and went to Silvermans Farm. I wanted to go to Silvermans because of the "Farm Market." I love me some pie! It was so much fun! We were worried about the rain (since it rained the whole way up), but luckily it stopped for just enough time for us to get our pumpkins. It was really a cute little farm and the market was amazing. They had some truly amazing pastries.
The first picture is of me trying to get out of the car. The girls didn't believe me, but my door wouldn't open from the inside. They just stood outside and laughed.

I had my first Apple Dumpling! I'm officially a fan. We also had Apple Cider Donuts. Luckily Ashley and I had self control and just bought one to split, otherwise I think I would have eaten my weight in donuts.

Since we had the car and there was a Target on the way home we stopped to pick up a few necessities. I actually think we spent more time (and money) at the target then at the farm.

It was a fun little trip. The colors were beautiful and the company was perfect! I hope we get to go on another little adventure soon.

PS. We saw this sign at a stop light near the farm. Jen jumped out of the car to take it. We then felt bad she ended up taking it back. So funny.


  1. oh! it looks like you had a lovely time! yay! :) and it looks so beautiful up there!