Another Year at My Job!

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's my 2 year anniversary at my work. I can't believe I have made it yet another year.
2 years =
Six Clients,
Three Desk Locations,
Four Computers (don't ask),
Reports, Reports, Reports, and a few more Reports,
Nine Website Tagging Plans/Documentation
Too Many Dunkin' Donuts to Count,
One Very Entertaining Round of Charades,
Two Department Picnics in Central Park
An Embarrassing Amount of Caramel/Pumpkin Steamers (I heart the coffee bar),
And Lots of Good Times.They took this pic on my first day. It will haunt me the rest of my days at this agency.


  1. Congratulations! Think you'll make it another year? :o)

  2. My badge picture will haunt me too! I hate it! Congratulations on the anniversary! (I feel like I have an over abundant use of exclamation points. But there's nothing in between a . and a ! so it's difficult. So I feel sort of like a exclamation point over user...)