It's Raining!...Inside!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brunch! One of my favorite Saturday activities is brunch! Sarah and I use to always do brunch. She was on the search for the best eggs Benedict and I just liked going out. We are creatures of habit or tradition so of course we had to hit up one of our favorite places, BUBBY'S! We met Ashley and Liz there after getting tickets for show. It was fun having a little brunch with the girls. (PS. look how huge my face looks in this picture! Now I not only have to worry about "fat face" but "big face" while taking pictures. Can't a girl get a break? If you don't know what I mean by "fat face" then please ask me sometime.)
Sarah and I then rented bikes and went for a little ride in Central Park. I'm not really sure why I have never done this before. It was so much fun and such a good way to see the park. Since the weather was ridiculously beautiful the park was packed, but it wasn't overly difficult getting around.
After about 1.5 hours we were worn-out and headed back to my place to get ready for dinner and a show. The perfect Saturday date.

One of our favorite pre-Bradway show places is Serafina's. We love SERAFINA'S! After a perfectly delightful dinner we went to see Mary Stuart. I have heard really good reviews about it and I was totally stoked that Sarah wanted to go see it.

It threw us off a little when all the men came out it modern suits and all the women were in period clothing, but by the end we were loving it. The first act was just "so so." Nothing totally spectacular. The acting was amazing, but that's to be expected with these two leading ladies.
The second half was amazing. Not only did they have some cool effects, but the story got really good and there were some really intense scenes. They opened the second part of the show with a "rain" scene on the grounds of Fortheringhay Castle. Well, Sarah and I were in the front row and could hear the rain, but thought it was just good sound effects. Then the lights came on and to our surprise it was literally raining on stage. It was pouring! I couldn't believe it. The lovely Janet McTeer did a whole scene in this terenchal downpour. It was so cool and my favorite part of the whole show.

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