Broadway: Waiting for Godot....a very long wait!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ashley and I went to see Waiting for Godot Saturday night. I'm a big fan of Nathan Lane and John Goodman, so I was very excited to see the show. All five actors did a fantastic job! I didn't really care for the play itself however. It was a little slow for my taste and wasn't as funny as I heard it was. It did have some really good lines.
P.S. Tony season is upon us! There are some great shows nominated this year, so I'm super excited about watching this year. I felt like last year was very obvious, but this year not so much. I'm thinking about posting my Tony predictions, but I'm just not as confident as last year.
I'm one show away from seeing all shows nominated this year (including all actors nominated) and two shows away from seeing all shows currently running on Broadway. After the last Tonys I made a goal to see all shows on Broadway. I failed. I didn't see A Tale of Two Cities. I had tickets for it, but the stupid show closed before I got the chance to see it. Hopefully I get around to seeing the last two shows over the next few weeks.

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