Broadway: Our Last Day (tear in my heart)...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I took another half day to spend with Sarah...and what a day it was.

We went and got a two hour long massage. It was my first "real" massage and I'm now a new person. It was amazing. I got a Swedish massage and a hot stone massage. The hot stone was magical! I think I will need to make this a monthly tradition (I especially need one after this week!)

We then went to our favorite Indian place, Panna II. Oh, sweet memories! We finished up our day with the Rock of Ages lottery. I had heard really great things about this show and that it's one to see over and over and over again. Well, it was the easiest lottery ever! Everyone got in. The problem is that it's for the worst seats ever! If you go to the lottery and aren't one of the first two people to win, walk away! Just do it. You will only be able to see half to the stage in the other seats.P.S. WE LOVED IT! It's now one of my favorite shows ever! If you love 80's rock then this is the show to see. I haven't laughed so hard at a musical. I found the list of songs from the show and immediately downloaded them off of iTunes. I can't wait until they release the soundtrack. I just hope they do. If any one needs someone to go with them...just call and I will be there! (Side Note: it just got nominated for 5 Tonys including best musical!)
Warning: Scantily clad women and lots of swearing. (but as my roommate said, "It happens!")

Sarah left the next day! Oh, SARAH! COME BACK! The city isn't the same without you.

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