Another Year Has Come and Gone...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I totally missed my second anniversary of being in New York (April 30th)! I can't believe it totally slipped my mind. I also missed my 200th post. I'm slipping! What's wrong with me?
I will try and come up with some goods stats for the past year.

Here's all I could think of at this point:
  • Two apartments (YAY! That’s down from three my first year. I feel really good about that)
  • One JOB! (Stability! I like it!)
  • Five roommates (I feel like I’m back at BYU)
  • Only four celebrity sightings (in the wild). (This is down from nine my first year. I believe I may have counted celebrities seen in Broadway shows last time. If that's the case then this number should be a lot higher! I did see more celebrities in the wild this year, but I wish I knew how to kick it up a notch).
  • 51 Broadway shows (That’s over double what I saw my first year here. This doesn’t count the repeats. I feel like I’ve seen more than that, but the numbers don’t lie. That’s a little over 4 shows a month.)
  • Three vacations (Washington twice (once with a short trip to Cali) and Disney World. I need to get out more).
  • Three cell phones (I’m not proud of this)
  • Six house guest (I really love it when people come to play)
I can't wait for another year. I'll try and come up with something a little more exciting for next year. Promise!

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  1. Congratulations! I love the pictures that you find to include with your posts. Very creative! Hope that this next year is a memorable one for you. Wish I could say that it would include a visit from me.