Broadway: Am I in HEAVEN?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I had such an amazing Monday night. One of my coworkers offered to take me to the Visa Signature Tony Awards Season Celebration. Yeah, I had never heard of it either, but it was amazing. Basically, they have actors from all of the musicals nominated for a Tony perform one of the songs.The first hour was a little meet and greet where you could mingle with some of the actors that would be performing that night. I was in heaven! I felt bad because I was totally freaking out.

Yeah, I totally geeked out at Alice Ripley and Aron Tveit (Next to Normal). I told them about how much I love the show and thought they were amazing. (I was out of control, but so excited to meet them). They were really sweet. After a fun little run in with Constantine Maroulis, Brittany and I headed to the red carpet area. We watched as some of the actors were interviewed. It was so fun listening to what they had to say. I almost lost it when Stephanie J Block came out. She's my favorite! PS. Lauren Graham brushed by us (she's a total diva)!The show was so much fun. The host was funny and it was so cool seeing the actors sing the songs not in costume. I loved it! My favorite numbers of the night were "Get Out and Stay Out" (Stephanie J Block - 9 to 5) and "Superboy and the Invisible Girl" (Jennifer Damiano, Alice Ripley, and Aron Tveit - Next to Normal). Brittany's favorite was "Superboy and the Invisible Girl." I told her she had to see the show!This was defiantly a night to remember.

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