Bear Mountain: Take Two!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The first Fall that I was here Selki and I went hiking at Bear Mountain. We loved it so much and kept trying to go back, but never quite made it happen....until this weekend. Selki had the brilliant idea to go yesterday (Saturday)! I was so stoked and was looking forward to it all week. We were a little afraid that the weather would be bad, but decided to go anyway.

I love Bear Mountain! It's just so beautiful! The last time we went we did the easy trail. We thought it a little too easy so we decided to take the hard trail. The lady at the office said it was steeper and rocky-er. We thought we could handle it and headed up. Of course we handled it (we're hardcore), but she was not kidding about the rocks.
There were moments were I felt like I was almost rock climbing. Selki accidentally dropped her water bottle after we were about half way up a huge rock. We both just stared in horror as it fell. Luckily it didn't go all the way down, but it did get some dings in it.
While I was totally exhausted once we got to the top, it was so worth the climb!Once we got back down from Bear we decided to do another trail. We had to get to the bus by 5 so we could only do a hour in. We didn't get very far considering it's a 6.8 mile hike, but we plan to make another trip this summer and master yet another mountain!I love hiking with Selki!

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