New Jersey's BEST Apple Cider Donuts?...Wemrock Orchards and Battleview Orchards

Friday, October 17, 2014

Let's go to Freehold. Someone recommend Battleview Orchards donuts, so I decided to swing by after picking up our CSA a couple of Saturdays ago. I found Wemrock Orchards on my way (latterly down the street from Battleview Orchards), so I decided to stop there as well...and I'm solo glad I did!

I didn't really get a chance to walk around the farm to check out the Fall Activities, but it looked like they offered the usual. The Market was nice. They offer ice cream and a wide variety of baked goods. They really had a wide variety of things. Their pies looked really good, so I think I will be stopping by in November for a little pie taste test. :)

Wemrock Apple Cider Donuts: $? per half a dozen (lost the receipt and the price wasn't posted with the donuts. I guess I will have to go back and buy more!)

  1. These don't really don't have the best packaging, but it is nice that they list the ingredients, you don't really see that much.
  2. These have great flavor and a nice soft texture. I wish they had a little more crisp on the outside, but since they are packed in a plastic bag (and spent time in my hot car),  I really shouldn't expect that anyways :)

I really liked Battleview Orchards. It seemed a little more put together then Wemrock and they sell their donuts hot! Gotta love that! Unfortunately for me, they were done selling the fresh donuts for the day, so I had to buy a pack. I guess I will have to go back :) They also sold caramel apples, which I think I will need to go back and try as well. 

Battleview Orchards Apple Cider Donuts: $3.49 per half dozen

  1. Of the donuts we tried from Central Jersey, my fellow taste testers put these last! Let me just say, that this proves how good the donuts are from Central Jersey. These were good donuts!
  2. The flavor wasn't as good as the donuts from Wemrock and the texture was a little more dense.
  3. Maybe the fresh donuts are better. I will make sure to test those those out as well. :) 

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