New Jersey's BEST Apple Cider Donuts?...Duffield's Farm Market

Monday, October 6, 2014

The second place Cohen and I visited on our little apple cider donut journey was Duffield's in Swell, NJ. Let's just say Duffield's is very different than Mood's!

Of all the places we visited, Duffield's had the best pumpkin display or "Pumpkin Land." A lot of the places just have a few tables with pumpkins, but Duffield's has a whole area fenced off with pumpkins on display. You could also take a hayride out to the fields to pick one (other farms do this as well).

The market was ok. Nothing compared to Delicious Orchards (as of right now I haven't found its equal), but it was nice. They had some tasty treats that I really wished I would have brought home with me (besides the donuts).

Duffield's Apple Cider Donuts: $4.50 for half a dozen
  1. These reminded me of traditional apple cider donuts (shape wise)
  2. Decent flavor, but they were a little on the dense side (for me)

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