New Jersey's BEST Apple Cider Donuts?...Johnson's Corner Farm

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

And the last farm we visited in the south was...Johnson's Corner Farm.  What a production! They had a band playing, a food tent and many more activities. The line for the hayride was crazy long and the stroller parking was packed. They had the market where they sold the donuts and few other products and then they also had a gift shop.

The Market was nothing compared to Delicious Orchards, but it was nice. I also really appreciate that they put their donuts in a paper bag. I'm such a fan of that now. The sugar on the outside of the donut melts when they are in plastic bags.

Johnson's Corner Farm Apple Cider Donuts: $6.95 for half a dozen

  • Of all the donuts I've sampled, these were for sure the most fragrant. You open the bag and this amazingly wonderful smell just pours out.
  • These donuts are a little bigger round than the other ones we tried, but they were a little thinner as well.
  • Remember that fragrance I just mentioned, well the downside is that you can taste it as well and lets just say it's not the best. I actually think they had a weird fast when compared to the other donuts.

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  1. So, my little sister is a missionary in New Jersey, and I want to tell her which farm to visit on her P-day that is close to her! Right now she is in Short Hills. Message me on facebook and let me know what you would recommend!