New Jersey's BEST Apple Cider Donuts?...Springdale Farms

Friday, October 10, 2014

The third farm that Cohen and I visited was Springdale Farms in Cherry Hill, NJ. I have to be honest, this one was the lease memorable for me. The market was very charming, but no where near as cool as Delicious Orchards. They did have a section where they sold gifts and garden stuff. I think if I had actually done the corn maze I probably would have appreciated this place more. It looked pretty cool. The farm just didn't seem as festive as other places we visited.

Springdale Farms Apple Cider Donuts: $4.25 for half a dozen

  1. The donut was kind of like the farm. Not that memorable. It was actually very similar to Duffields, but just not as good.
  2. Ok, flavor, but the donut was a little dense for my preference

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