Chicago: Day 3 - NAHA

Saturday, July 7, 2012

After a very lazy morning (which was perfect) we decided that we should head out into the sweltering heat in search of food. We were actually planning on going to a Mexican place we had heard good things about, but there was an hour wait and we didn't want to sit out in the heat for that long. Jeff and Sharon noticed that NAHA was across the street and recommend that we go there. Jeff had looked at the menu online that morning and thought it would be a good place for lunch.

Well, it was amazing! A little on the expensive side, but amazing! Jeff had the soft shell crab which was  a plate of pure deliciousness! I was surprised he didn't lick the plate clean. The sauce was so good and everything was made to perfection. Sharon had the BLT which was unlike any BLT I have ever seen. It was also delicious! Ben went with the pork shank which was tender, savory goodness. I went with a salad. Lame you say? It was actually perfect and totally hit the spot. I would totally order it again.

Well, the food was so good that we decided to get some dessert. I'm a strong believer in dessert at lunch :) My favorite was the rhubarb tart. We got two desserts to share, but I kind of wish I got the rhubarb tart for myself and didn't have to share (kind of like Sharon and a don't mess with Sharon and her slurpee)

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  1. WOW! The food looks amazing. I'm really hungry now!