Chicago: Day 4 - Do-Rite Donuts

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And back to food :) What can I say...we love food! Jeff wanted donuts on Saturday morning, so he did some research to find where to get the best ones in the area. He found Do-Rite Donuts. They were really good. EXPENSIVE, but really good. I think my favorite was the boston cream pie. I also liked the old fashioned with chocolate. Let's face it, I liked almost all of them. I just love donuts!

I figure that since this is my last post about Chicago I should talk about The Wit, which is the hotel we stayed at. This hotel had a few things going for it, however there were more things that made it a place that we will never stay at again. Why, you ask? Well,

Things that were great about the hotel:

  • Location - Perfect! It's located on the corner of Lake and State Street in downtown Chicago.
  • Cleanliness - Also, very nice. The only exception to this was that they would leave room service trays in the halls for a couple of days before they picked it up. They actually did this a couple of times.
  • Design - Very nice. Totally upscaled. We loved the chandeliers in the lobby.
Why we will never stay there again...
  • NO POOL - The hotel opted-in to put a bar on the roof instead of a pool. While I know this is a money maker for them, it sucked for us in the 100+ degree weather.
  • TERRIBLE CONCIERGE - Jeff always leverages the concierge while on a trip. They are the best people to give advice on what to do and where to eat in the city. Well, the concierge at the Wit was completely uselss!
  • LAZY FRONT DESK - So, Jeff was looking for a cable to hook up his iPad to the TV. He called down to the front desk to see if they had one. He knew it was a long shot but figured he would give it a try. Well, after they put him on hold for a long time they came back with, "Yes, we have them, but they are all out right now.", we decided to go and get one at a RadioShack on the way back from our boat tour. Jeff bought the cable he needed, but decided to call the front desk again to see if they had an HDMI cable he could borrow, since he has several at home and didn't want to pay $20 for another one. The front desk told him that they would have one sent up to our room. We were all high fives and walked back to the hotel. After waiting for some time and no cable, Jeff called back down to the front desk to inquire as to the whereabouts of the HDMI cable. After being on hold for some time the front desk informed him that the hotel doesn't have any. AWESOME! 
  • ROOM DOORS THAT DON'T LOCK - Supposedly there is a problem at the Wit hotel with the room doors not closing all the way and locking. They sound like they have closed, but they need a little extra push to lock. We tried our best to make sure we REALLY shut the door, but we got calls from the front desk to inform us that our door wasn't closed. We even had hotel security show up to tell us to close the door. You would think that if this was a hotel wide problem they would fix it. Just saying.
  • AWKWARD BATHROOM DOOR - The bathroom door was a sliding door. No big deal, right? We have all seen these before. Unfortunately, the bathroom doors at the Wit have a gap on both sides of the door when it's closed. A little awkward when you're sharing a room. Also, it was hard to open and close.

Despite having a not so great hotel we had a really great time in Chicago! I love it there and can't wait till we go back!


  1. OMG- I am so glad that I talked the hubs into getting me donuts over the weekend. Otherwise I think this post may have killed me from craving them. :)