Todays lecture topic will be, Scrapbooking, Option or obsession?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

When I lived in Utah I scrapbooked a lot. I had a lot of fun supplies because let’s face it, Utah is the scrapbook capital of the world. I was spoiled for the past four years in scrapbook heaven. There wasn’t a shade of cardstock I couldn’t find. I had two sets of those plastic drawers (you know the ones with three drawers, where they are just under three feet wide…I think). Yeah, two of them full of scrapbooking stuff. Now I’m out here in New York, and all my scrapbooking treasures are slimed down to ONE of those DRAWERS…not six. Tear!...tough times in the city for me.

I remember when Melissa and I went on a self-guided-scrapbook-store tour in Utah. Melissa printed off a list of stores in our area, and we went to visit them. We only went to about five, but it was truly an adventure. While we were on our little excursion we realized that we were seeing the same people at all of these different stores. Was it pure coincidence that these ladies were touring the stores too? Well, yes! We soon found out that it was some national scrapbooking convention thing and women from all over the United States come to Utah and spend the week touring all the stores. What! It turns out, that most of them were from the East cost.

I thought it funny. Why would these women travel to the middle of nowhere for scrapbook stores. Don’t they have any on the East cost? Now, I know...THAT'S A NEGATIVE! It took me one sad day to find that there are no scrapbooking stores in NYC. What is wrong with this town? It has everything but a decent scrapbook store. Yes, there are the random little shops that have a tiny section of stickers and missed matched papers, but nothing a seasoned scrapbooker like me could deal with. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! I am now turning to the web for needed supplies. Sigh…if anyone knows of a good store in the city or within a reasonable distance (airplane not necessary reasonable distance) please let me know.


  1. I empathize with your plight. I would LOVE to have you come out on a Saturday and we could scrap together!
    There is a small store that has a pretty dang good selection out here, and the nearby Michael's has cardstock galore and quite a few designs too...

  2. If you want... I could stock up on some of the great Utah supplies and send them to you. (They'll come with the programs I was supposed to send you 6 months ago)

  3. go to Kate's Paperie.... they have scarpbook stuff a plenty ,...

    it's on 57th between 6th and 7th

  4. My poor cousin! If you were here you could scrap with me!

  5. Hello,
    I have heard that too many times.. but people here in new york are "too busy" and that is sad... We opened a retail store (not scrapbooking)to help people get their photos out of their boxes (which you already love to do)We get alot of people coming in for supplies...but we have your basic kind of card stock some cutting tools ...our main focus was to help those who need a little push/support to get started on an album or scrapbook...unfortunately we didn't succeed... we are about to close our doors(end of June)...what did we do wrong... should we had more supplies? we have plenty of space for classes crop parties...workshop...but nothing was working in bring them in? Anyway I will get off me soap box the way we are located in Brooklyn if you are ever around the neighborhood it is called "MEMORIES OUT OF THE BOX" thanks