In-house coffee shop?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When I started my job in October, one of the major things people kept talking about was the new additions that they were making to the campus. The main topic of conversation was that of the coffee bar. Now, I thought this would be a cute little station where people could come and get a coffee or other tasty hot drinks. I was wrong.

The construction is starting to wrap up and I can’t believe what they have created. They have more machines then the Starbucks down the street. Everything is shiny and new with a huge counter for the drinks to be served on. I can’t believe it! There’s practically a Starbucks on my floor in the office. The best part is that all drinks will be $1. Now that’s what I’m talking about. I just hope they serve steamers and hot chocolate.

We just got a newsletter that highlights our new hires, and the first person on the list is a “Lead Barista.” Yes, that’s right. We hired someone from Starbucks to come in and man the new station. I will take pics when they are finished with everything. The new additions to the office will be amazing, and it will be nice to not have all the construction workers around stealing my yogurt.


  1. another non-post related comment: Thanks for the Kate's Paperie tip, I found the heart hole puncher and it was a perfect addition to my crafting project!

  2. Send your email to raehope1atgmaildotcom and I'll send you an invite!