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Friday, February 1, 2008

Years from now when people ask me what I was doing the night of January 31st 2008, timeless memories of my past will sparkle in my eyes and I will say, “Yes! I remember what I was doing that night.” That was the night were I sat on the floor covered by a sheet-shelter in the comfort of my living room and watched the best show that has ever been on TV. With fellow LOST-lovers, I enjoyed the beginning of what will be a great season of TV. Yes, the season premier of LOST was last night. We laughed we cried, and ate grilled cheese. I can’t think of a more perfect evening.

I have spent the last month watching the last three seasons in preparation for this event. Time wasted? I think not! I was ready with all my questions. Will the people on the boat be good or bad? Why did Naomi have a pic of Desmond if it wasn’t Penny’s boat? Where’s Penny? What was up with Jack in the flash forward? What was up with Kate in the flash forward? Who died in the flash forward? What are the others really about? What’s up with Jacob? And more importantly….where did the polar bears come from? Did the season premier answer any of the questions? No! and in true LOST fashion created a hundred more. Hold onto your socks kids, this is going to be one wild ride of LOST!

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  1. Thought this was up your Lost alley!