Never have truer words been spoken!

Friday, December 21, 2007

One of my favorite movies is “An Ideal Husband.” It’s so witty and there are some classic quotable lines in it. I could watch this move over and over and still find something new. Some of my favorites are:

Lord Arthur Goring: To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

Countess: Aren't you going to congratulate me?
Lord Arthur Goring: Congratulations.
Countess: Aren't you going to ask what for?
Lord Arthur Goring: What for?
Countess: I've made a great decision. I've decided to get married.
Lord Arthur Goring: My God! Who to?
Countess: That part is yet to be decided.

Lord Arthur Goring: I'm sorry, Father, but the truth is, this is not my day for talking seriously.
Lord Caversham: Well, what do you mean, sir?
Lord Arthur Goring: I mean that I only talk seriously on the first Tuesday of every month. Between noon and three.

My Favorite!

Lord Arthur Goring: I am glad you have called. I am going to give you some advice.
Laura: Oh pray, don't. One should never give a woman something that she can't wear in the evening.

I love this movie! There are many more, but I can’t put the whole script up. Rupert Everett, I want to marry you!


  1. I love this movie too! So many good lines! I need to buy it!