Attack of the Marshmallow Stuffing Roommate!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I’m a very peaceful person. I really try to avoid confrontation at all cost. Life has so much drama as it is, why create more? Right? Well, I was sitting on the couch in my living room preparing to create a little book/card thing for Leah’s little party. I know, I know I’m a saint! I always try to serve my roommates to the best of my ability. While trying to figure out how I was going to create
this little treasure with the limited utensils that I have I was attacked by Leah. Armed with a marshmallow she threatened to shove it up my nose. Plugging my nose, I fought her off. Unfortunately she decided that the marshmallow to the nose wasn’t necessary, but any opening would do. That’s when she tried to shove it in my ears.

You may not know this about me but I’m a fighter. I may be big but I’m scrappy. Leah failed miserably. Not being able to take defeat she shoved the marshmallow down my shirt and gave up. I don’t get it. Everyone says that Leah is soooo sweet. They just haven’t lived with her! I live in terror in my apartment. All is well and then Leah will strike. It could be anything from a tree hug or jumping on me while I’m sleeping. Kort does it too, but I’m certain the Leah is the ring leader. I have my eye on you Leah! I’m one girl you’re not taking down.


  1. That Leah Girl, you never know what she'll do next, haha. Good luck staying alive and in one piece!

  2. I still don't agree with the one sentence. You know which one i'm talking about...

  3. wow. maybe you should just do it first, so she doesn't get that kind of satisfaction. ;)