Flaming Christmas Cards!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Our December enrichment activity was to get together and write our Christmas cards. Sounds like a fun time, right? On our way to the activity our quite snowy walk was distributed by the annoying sounds of a fire truck honking. Covering our ears, we quickly tried to walk past it. To our complete delight the fire trucks, yes trucks there were two, stopped right in front of the building we were suppose to go into. We watched as four firefighters rushed the door. We didn’t know if it was safe to go in or not so we asked the man in the truck. He just nodded as if there was nothing wrong and said sure.

Leah and I climbed the two sets of stairs to find that the firefighters were going into the apartment where enrichment was supposed to be. Lucky us! We stood at the door and looked down the hall at several firefighters looking up at a carbon monoxide alarm making an annoying noise. Making our way past them we wandered to the end of the hall to the women infest living room. Everyone seemed in high spirits. Can you blame them! We all sat and waited for the firefighters to turn off the alarm. I think they enjoyed the outing as much as we did because they all took turns coming down the hall and peaking into the living room. The diagnosis was sampling: Get a new battery!

HAHAHAHAHA! The firefighters laughed about the whole thing and left. I decided that a pic of the fire trucks in the street was necessary and started taking pictures from the window. To my great surprise all the firefighters in the truck started waving and then one pulled out his camera phone and took a pic of me. I hope he treasures that one! What a way to start enrichment! God bless the firefighters of New York! You’re Hott! I LOVE NEW YORK!


  1. Oh my! What an adventure! I doubt those girls will ever forget to change their batteries again...

  2. I would say something about firefighters being dreamy, but I would get in trouble with you-know-who.