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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Everyday at work I get emails from some guy named Gabe with the subject “Site of the day:………’. At first I just ignored these emails and put them in the trash. I thought nothing of it until yesterday when I got one that said “Site of the Day: It's FREE!” Being a person that jumps at the chance for anything that’s free I decided to read the email. The only thing there was a link.
Not being overly busy that day and this was an official office email, I decided to take a look. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I quite enjoyed my little break from work. Is anyone else disgusted by the fact that there was no wiping or washing of the hands? That’s sick. Man I love advertising! Only in Europe do you see this kind of stuff. I need to move.

I decided to go back and find all the Site of the days that I have deleted to check them out. My favorite is the hungry suitcase. These are just a few. Just a little fun sites to keep you entertain for a second or two.

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