Operation Parental Units Visit was a Success!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well, the fam has come and gone. I think they had a good time playing in the Big City. I was most worried about my dad, but I think he enjoyed himself. Going to Yankee Stadium really made the trip for him. He also loved Central Park. He went running almost every day. My mom, sister, and I woke up on Friday to find that my dad was missing. We called and found out that he left early in the morning to go walk around Central Park and take pictures. That man really loves that park. He bought a Yankee coat and hat and wore them for most of the trip. He was so cute – The little tourist.

Mom and Kari had a good time too. It was tough for Kari because she can’t eat wheat so we had to be a little careful of where we ate. I felt bad because sometimes she didn’t get enough to eat and was hungry. She was a good baby-sitter for me while I was at work. She kept the two parental units in line.

One of my favorite parts of the whole week was the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Mom and I got up early in the morning to get seats so we could see the parade. It was worth it! We had such a good time and great seats. Luckily the parade thing turned out well because we got our dinner two hours late. I felt bad, but it all seemed to work out in the end. We went to a movie and then Kari, mom, and I made Christmas cards. My dad didn’t know why I was making cards. He said I didn’t have anyone to send them to.

The day after Thanksgiving was long but fun. We walked across 34th Street and then up 5th Ave. We thought it would be supper busy, but it wasn’t bad. Macy’s was the worst part, which we figured would be. It was worth going in, because my mom got a beautiful nativity scene. She was so happy.

We didn’t get to see Grease or Wicked because of the strike. I’m so mad! We did get to see Mary Poppins, which was good. We tried the Young Frankenstein lottery twice but didn’t win any tickets. We ended up seeing two movies to help pass the time. Poor parents! They came across the country to spend $11.75 on a movie they could have watched at home. They didn’t complain.

We had a good time and I hope they come back to play again. It’s always fun to have the family around; especially when they pay. I love my parents. I can’t wait for Christmas. My dad made the comment that it has been a whole year since I’ve been home. It has been too long.

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