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Thursday, November 8, 2007

One thing that most people are surprised to hear is that my favorite movie of all time is Rocky. The first one is preferred but there is a special place in my heart for the second, third, and forth. As for the fifth, I don't want to even comment. I did see Rocky Balboa and thought it quite good, but not as good as the first one. Why, you might ask, would a girl that has a DVD collection of the greatest chick flicks of all time claim that Rocky is number one in her life. There are so many reasons why but here are five.
  1. It has the sweetest little romance story. Quiet, shy, petshop girl gets swept off her feet by a guy who would do anything for her. Rocky treats Adrian like she's the most beautiful women in the whole world. What women wouldn't want that?
  2. This is the best classic underdog story. Rocky a poor, southpaw fighter who gets a chance to be the world’s heavy weight champion.
  3. It's funny. ''Take her to the Zoo!" Enough said.
  4. Amazing music. I turn on "Gonna Fly Now" and can run forever. It's the kind of music that just motivates you.
  5. SPOILER! One of my most favorite reasons why I love this movie is that Rocky doesn’t beat Apollo. That's what makes this movie so great! Rocky realizes before the fight that there is no way he is going to beat Apollo, but it doesn’t matter. All he wants to do is go the distance. No one had ever gone the distance with Apollo and that's all Rocky wants to do. And in the end he does, and he also gets the girl. What a man!
Can anyone tell me what Rocky movie this clip is from? Yes that's Rocky and yes that’s Apollo training him. What parallel universe is this? I don't know, but I love it!

Real quick! I know this is a long post. Here are some reasons why I love this clip.
  1. The cloths! Only one word can describe. SEXY!
  2. The running in the sand footage that is strategically places through-out the clip
  3. The song. You know I love it.
  4. Paulie gets pulled into the pool. I hate him!
  5. The fact that it ends with Rocky and Apollo frolicking and splashing in the water. You know you are watching a quality movie when it ends with two grown men playing in the ocean.

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