Sad But True...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Many of you know I have a little obsession with Tiffany & Co. I would call it a passion more then an obsession, but whatever. I love everything about Tiffany's and have started quite the collection of Tiffany treasures. During the summer after my senior year of high school I made a goal to visit every Tiffany's in the US and buy something at each one. Luckily my parents support me in this crusade and have funded many of trips.

Now I am pleased to announce that I visited my 14th Tiffany's! My family and I ventured down to Wall Street to visit the new Tiffany's. I was so excited! I bought a cute snowman Christmas ornament. I love it! One of the ladies there tried to get me to buy a $450 cashmere scarf. The sad truth is that I really wanted to get it. It was so cute. I tried to talk my parents into it, but they said no. I wonder why? If I hadn’t just paid off my credit card and loved the feeling of being debt free, I probably would have bought that scarf. We decided to go to Canal Street and get three for $10. That will have to do until I can get the Tiffany one. Just kidding!

I have 57 Tiffany's left! Seriously! Tiffany's needs to stop opening stores. When I started there were only 57 Tiffany's in the entire country. It makes my goal a little more challenging, but more exciting. You'll have to wait in great anticipation for the next post that will reveal my next Tiffany experience. Maybe I will splurge and get the scarf. I doubt it!

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