Cohen's First Christmas

Monday, December 30, 2013

I'm so happy that my family could be here for Cohen's first Christmas! We had a fun time opening presents Christmas morning and eating a delicious (not so traditional) Christmas dinner! Cohen slept through the whole things, so I'm sure he enjoyed the day too.

Cohen got some nice presents. Lots of books!

Dad (aka Grandpa) gave Cohen a Tonka dump truck. I laughed because clearly Cohen can't play with it and the minimum age for the toy is three! Dad told me the he has always wanted to buy a Tonka truck for his grandson, because they are the best trucks! Dad wanted to make sure that he got a chance to do it! Some of you may not know, but my dad was in a bike accident in April. We are lucky to still have him with us and I think we all realized how precious life is and we really shouldn't procrastinate the things we really want to do.

What did we have for dinner? Well, for Jeff and my first Christmas we stayed home (and no family came to visit), so we decided to not go with the traditional Christmas dinner and decided to made ribs. Since I convinced Jeff to registered for china for our wedding and we ended up getting all of it, we also decided to use it for our first Christmas dinner. Yes, we ate ribs on china! We decided that that would be our family tradition! Luckily our families were ok with jointing us this year.

Kari and mom set the table and did an amazing job!


  1. You can have whatever traditions you would like for your family! We have been having "Taco Christmas" for the past 5 years. My mom asked everyone earlier in December if they wanted a traditional or taco Christmas and we all said "TACO"! So if the Neu's want RIBS, ribs it is!

  2. I love your red white and blue. Will you teach me your photography skills? all your pictures are beautiful!