Bye Bye Garage!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Some of you may not know this, but my husband and I bought the house he grew up in. We have been slowly making updates to the house to make it our own and we're making some good progress. This summer we replaced all the windows on the first floor, had the heating system updated and central a/c installed. Awesome!

A little over a year ago we discovered that the back corner of one of our garages was sinking and the wall was cracking. We decided not to do anything about it until a couple of months ago when we saw how bad it was getting and realized it wasn't safe. So, we had the whole thing taken down. What's cool about this project is that the bricks used to make the garage were originally from a retaining wall on the property and were repurposed when the house was built and used for the garage. Jeff decided to use the brick for the fire pit he has been wanting for so long. The workers took down the garage brick by brick. It was quite impressive.

I haven't taken pictures of Jeff's fire pit yet, but I will try to take some when we get a nice sunny day. I wonder how long I will wait for that?

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