BFF: Mia and Brie

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Brie made a few new friends last month! Brie just loves making new friends! Especially ones that color her nose with chalk like Mia!

I've been really nerves about Brie playing with kids, since she's still a puppy, but is huge and doesn't really know her own strength! (example she jumped up on Mia the day before these pictures were taken and totally knocked her over). So, I'm kind of stressed out when kids are around her. Well, Mia went outside where Brie was tied up to play with chalk. Of course I was nerves so I kept looking out to check to make sure Brie wasn't licking her to death (which Brie is known to do). After stepping away from the door for a min, I came back to see Mia sitting right next to Brie. Brie was just sitting patiently while Mia was drawing a "house" around her. It was just the cutest thing ever!

The pictures are a little weird since I took them through a glass door, but I just had to take pictures.

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