The US Open...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I went to the US Open! It's something I have been wanted to do, but just never made it happen. Liz happened to have an extra ticket, so I tagged along with her and her friends Lauren and Andrea. It was so much fun.
We arrived early so we could watch a few of the other matches going on in the complex. We got to watch most of the Peer vs. Kuznetsova match.
We came to see Safina vs. Kvitova and Blake vs Robredo, but unfortunately the Isner vs Roddick game went way over, so they had the both matches at the same time in different stadiums. We were totally upset! It was fun watching the Isner vs Roddick game on the big screen in the complex. The energy was so amazing. Confession: I'm glad that Isner won. Don't hate me!
I decided to spend most of my time at the Safina vs Kvitova game. Safina is ranked number one and I really wanted to watch her play. Liz and I ended up watching the whole match and then hurrying over to see Blake. Poor Blake. Robredo smashed him. We got over there in time to see the last game of the third set (but we got amazing seats because we came so late).
We had such a great time. I don't think I will have a chance to get out there again, but I'm for sure getting tickets for next year.

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