Playing in the Rain...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I took Friday off to play with the fam. Unfortunately it rained almost the whole day, so some of our plans fell through. We started the day at Shake Shack (classic!). The fam really liked it (I'm glad because I really talked it up).

We had plans to go to Canal street, but the rain was so bad that we scrapped that and ended up at Rice to Riches.

Our main Friday activity was going to a Yankee game. We headed up early and just sat and hoped that the rain would stop. Luckily the game was only delayed an hour and a half and we got to watch 7 innings. It was so fun being there and seeing Jeter break the all time Yankee hit record (he has 2,722 hits, which breaks Lou Gehrig’s 72 year old record). The crowd went wild! I was so glad we could be there and that the rain stopped long enough that they could play.

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